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Bringing Heaven to Earth

You might just be curious about Astrology and want to know more. Or you might have a particular issue you'd like resolved. Astrology is wonderful for either need.
I work from two locations in Bath. My home office The Hensley Healing Practice on the south side of Bath and also The Practice Rooms in the city centre. Do let me know where you'd like your session. If we are using Skype then please let me know your Skype address. In your session we will discuss your Astrological chart and what it means and how it will highlight what might be happening in your life at the moment. We can then work-out time-scales, duration of difficulty and possible outcomes.
Even though it might seem that what is happening at the momement is unexplainable, Astrology can give your life meaning and return you to a place of peace, acceptance and understanding.
90 minute £70 Astrology Gold Level
60 minute £60 session Astrology Silver Level

It doesn't matter where you live as I also work via Skype.
60 minute £65 Skype session Astrology/Psychic Skype
If you're not sure what session would suit you,please go here Mary's Services for more info.

If you have any questions before you book please Contact Mary

"Thanks so much Mary! I'm really excited to sit down, listen and take notes. I left feeling very affirmed on my path and with lots of insights. I'm glad I had an hour and a half - I could have gone on all morning!! I'll be recommending you to friends. Txx"

All sessions are confidential and are digitally recorded.
Mary is a member of The Astrological Association of Great Britain and has over 30 years of experience working with clients.