How To Cheer Up a Capricorn
Real life guidance on how to get along and be friends with the 10th sign of the zodiac by Mary English
Serious, responsible, stoic. Does this describe the Capricorn in your life? Are you at a loss to know how to enjoy happiness with your Capricorn? Do you want to know how to Cheer One Up or help one that is Feeling Down? This insider information will gently guide you through the process of easily making a chart using free on-line resources, so you will know what type of Capricorn they are, and real-life strategies to Cheer One Up. Drawing on her extensive client files and using real life examples, Mary English guides you in learning How To Cheer Up A Capricorn.
Discover how to find the 3 key points that will help you understand one better and how to make the best of the Capricorn you know and those you have yet to meet. Mary English guides you in learning How To Cheer Up a Capricorn

Mary English, a reformed Pisces has written an easy to understand self-help manual on the secrets of the 10th of the zodiac. Don’t put up with anymore unhappiness!
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Published September 2011 by O-Books

• Mary is a professional Astrologer and columnist for The Green Parent Magazine.
• Mary lives and works in Bath, the World Heritage Site in the UK and is a member of Society of Authors and The Astrological Association of Great Britain.
• Mary features on a monthly Stars Hour on the Emma Britton Morning Show on BBC Radio Somerset.
• Mary has been interviewed by Kindred Spirit, Spirit and Destiny Magazine and The Sunday Express. She has also appeared on BBC’s Heaven and Earth Show and Kilroy.
• Promoted through Mary’s Monthly Stars Show on BBC Radio Somerset.
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Article in Bath Chronicle
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Interview with Mose on CJD Radio, Quebec, Canada
Interview on My Spirit Radio talking about Pisces
The Dispatch and The Rock Island Argus, Illinois, USA
Exclusive Magazine,Ferndale, Michigan, USA
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Donna Cunningham: How to Survive Your Pisces Valentine

First in a Series of Guide Books for all the 12 signs of the Zodiac
Interesting Info
• Green Parents, Young Adults, Young Mothers, Professional Women aged 24-45, Professional Men aged 19-35
• Anyone interested in Astrology who wants to learn more about Capricorn.
"This is a wonderful book for anyone who is confused about how to deal with the twists and turns of the slippery fish. I wish it had been around when I was gasping for air in my Pisces parents' watery world, it would have been so enlightening. Even now, as an astrologer of many years standing, I have learned from Mary's insightful guide which I recommend wholeheartedly."
Judy Hall, Author of The Astrology Bible, Patterns of the Past, Karmic Connections and The Crystal Zodiac.

"How to Survive a Pisces is the first in a planned series of “How to Survive” guidebooks to all 12 zodiac signs. I love the part that covers the different kinds of relationship. This book is full of vivid and accurate observations of Piscean natives in a wide variety of relationships from lovers to bosses, friends and a full spectrum of family members. Herself a Pisces, she presents wise counsel for dealing with them in each of those situations—what to expect in both day to day life.
Donna Cunningham, US Astrological Author

"How to Survive a Pisces" is an insightful and practical look at how to enjoy life with a Pisces. It is accessible so offers lots to a beginner interested in astrology but is detailed enough to appeal to seasoned experts too. As an Aquarian living with a Pisces this book offered me insight into some areas which I hadn't thought about before. A very interesting and informative read. I am already looking forward to the other books in the series that explain what it's like to live with the other signs of the zodiac!"
Melissa Corkhill, Editor of The Green Parent Magazine. The Green Parent

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