Dates 9-9-2009 sand source posted to Helios to made into Homeopathic remedy
1-10-2009 Emailed Newsletter to 1,000 client-base asking for volunteers.
History of the Temple
Certainly the most impressive part of the Temple is the Hypostyle Hall, an immense structure. It is divided into two sections (North and South) by the central nave which is supported by twelve columns, each 22.4 metres tall. There are one hundred and twenty-two of these columns and they line the pavements of the Hypostyle Hall north and south of the nave. The spaces between these columns originally were occupied by statues of divinities and Pharaohs, some of which were recently put back into place. Other Sand Remedies.
The most well known Homeopathic remedy made from sand is called Silicea, Puer Silica, Silica Oxide and is made from
Sample used
Proving made
Provers Number Sex Age Sun Sign Location
1 Female, 52, Aries Lancashire
2 Declined due to on-going Homeopathic treatment
3 Male, 42, Virgo Mexico
4 Female, 35, Libra Middlesex
5 Female, 46, Taurus Herts
6 Female, 30, Virgo East Sussex
7 Female, 59, Taurus Bath
8 Female, 53, Capricorn Wales
9 Female, 66, Pisces Northampton
10 Female, 58, Leo, PA, USA
11 Female, 21, Gemini Vilnius,Lithuania
12 Female, 44 Capricorn Bristol
13 Female-declined
14 Female, 46, Libra Bristol
15 Female, 60, Libra Wilts
16 Female, 30, Scorpio Nottingham
17 Female, 29, Taurus Durham
18 Female, 46, Cancer Pembrokeshire
Average age 44