Indigo energy
Mary English is the first astrologer to link the Indigo child to chart shapes. The 'Bundle' is the most extreme Indigo chart, which was only possible when the slower moving generational planets were clustered close together.
Tom, aged 7, has this type of chart. He has all the Indigo traits-he is very bright, with a remarkable memory, he asks direct questions and likes direct answers, he has a strong sense of fair play, and an interest in the bigger issues, like why is God? He is bursting with energy, with a restlessness that easily turns to provocative behaviour. He has run into problems with teachers who expect obedience and quiet classrooms, although his more open-minded teachers have welcomed his enquiring mind and have engaged his interest.
'The "Bundle" is rare, and reflects a narrowness of vision and experience," says Mary English.'This shape describes the specialist in his or her field, or and obsessive personality. They tend to channel their energies into issues related to that section of the chart at the expense of the rest.'
If their energy is repressed rather than harnessed, as is often the case in mainstream schools, the internal stress can start to be expressed as eczema, asthma or 'acting out' with distruptive behaviour. Tom is extremely sensitive, and has suffered from asthma since he was young.
The 'Bowl' is a wider cluster of planets within one half of the chart. Mary says : ' "Bowl" types are immensely self-contained and resourceful but their life's challenge is to intergrate the areas represented by the empty half of the chart.'
George is an example of this type of Indigo chart.He has three planets in Virgo and all his planets are bunched into four of the 12 astrological houses.
His mother Claire says: " George was born knowing his own mind. He has a very clear idea of his own identity. He has always responded far better to consultation than instruction and will dig his heels in if presented with an ultimatum."
Luckily for George and Tom, their parents have a special understanding of Indigo Children.
Tom's mother Barbara is a secondary school teacher, resourceful in devising creative ways to focus 30 teenagers' attention on Shakespeare in a mixed ability class where rap is their first language. Her chart is shaped like a sailing boat-a cluster with a mast-very similar to Harry Potter author JK Rowling, whose tales of magical wizards fighting right and wrong in a world of Muggles (Normal People) spoke to a whole generation of children and young people.
Mary English calls this the Indigo Lightworker's chart shape. Claire's chart has two such masts-her Moon giving empathy and Mars providing the impetus to do something about it.
Rather than expecting George to conform to a system that alienates him, she has tried to cooperate with his teachers. 'I was anxious about how he would adapt to school,' Claire admits. 'He can be very disruptive, but this is because he has little interest in many of the lessons and activities. In the aspects of school he enjoys, he is incredibly focused and attentive. These things have to be pointed out to teachers in advance so they realise that he has great potential and that he is not simply a "naughty" boy or dissaffected from learning.'
Rather than trying to contain George's energy, his parents know his love of the outdoors helps keep him in balance.'He has enormous energy and vitality and it's impossible to wear him out' says Claire. 'He climbed Snowdon at the age of five and, after a revitilising meal, he wanted to go swimming.....while we all flopped.'

Mary English says a lot of older Indigos are going through a hard time:'If only they knew that they were Indigo and what they should be doing, it would make a whole generation of people feel better.'But Donna Cunningham sees a brighter future for Indigos as they take their role in society.'All three of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, are now in the universal signs (Sagittarius through Pisces). These signs have to do with the ways we are connected with "the collective" as a global civilization unfolds.In joining us on earth in this pivotal point in history, they bring very special talents and abilities that will be much needed in the future. Many of the qualities that cause problems for them as children-like thinking outside the box and following their own counsel-will serve them well in adulthood as the 21st Century unfolds in startling ways we cannot even dream of today.'

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