Prover 9
Day 4 This is based on my concern for a great niece. The dream is set in her house and in the sea. There is contamination in the sea. The great niece collects water in a plastic container and continues to fiddle with it in the house- I didn’t recognise her but her Mum was there. The great niece develops sores on her arms and she is taken to hospital with smallpox. Her mother is told to clean the house, wash everything. I can’t keep awake so occupy a room to sleep. In the early hours, the doctor + other people bring their car with the niece into the entrance hall and have to wait as I have to clean the room I am in-very dusty, messy. In the midst of this, my father goes out, stays out all night and returns to sleep in the early hours.
Day 10
In charge of a school having to organise a day of events. Events happen, everything goes smoothly, I have nothing to do. I give a speech which no one can hardly hear, but those who do think it’s good. A happy contented dream! Needed to find a toilet in the dream.
Day 24
Very mixed with images + people from the day before + unknown + family. The main feeling was getting ready for the wrong thing, in the wrong clothes which kept unravelling + no-one seemed to be able to help, basically not being ready. I needed to wash my hair + in the dream someone gave me a shampoo which made my hair fall out-public place like a swimming pool.

Prover 2
Day 1
Morning: had a dream that my mother died. I was given her ashes, which I put in my mouth and swallowed. Then I became pregnant ~ with my mother. Gave birth to my own mother.
Took remedy at 11.00am.

Prover 10
Day 7
There was a dream-very blurred now so had to get up quickly to write this. Something about choosing a present for someone and not being able to find the right colour scarf. Some people took my needles and were poking them into a board and I said “Those are my needles, and anyway, what you really need is pins for that job”. But they took no notice. And I was doing a job with some pins at the same time and it was difficult talking to them as I was holding a pin in my mouth and I was afraid I would swallow it.
Day 8
I did dream-about a steep house with lots of floors and everywhere there was a lot of snow-and I dreamed of colours mauve and pink and a man in a grey suit. Dreamed I was in the front garden in dressing gown and fell asleep on bench-then wondered what the neighbours would think.
Day 15
Up at 6.30 – had a broken night– got back to sleep and dreamed vividly – when I woke up I remembered it was about a very controlling mother (mine – but she was not like mine – she might have been my mother in law or even myself) and there was a wraith like child who I think was my son and he was very white and ghostly and might die. Whenever I have dreams they seem to be connected to what I have been worrying about – but usually I do not remember them for long. This one I did remember clearly.

Prover 7
Day -1
Dreamt last night of needing to keep myself dry on the inside.
9.30am – Took remedy
Day 2
Dreamt of: Being with my sister, riding to school along a dusty road. School toilets were dirty and not working –Yuk! Couldn’t wash my hands as the taps weren’t working.
Day 3
Dreamt of being on a yacht for dinner with my husband and son, suddenly it sped away and I wondered how all the food and drink would be balanced at such speed~ arrived at an island with a lady asking if her daughter could marry my son.
Day 9
7am- Recalled short dream with my sister and my daughter or son-slightly threatening-involved a not nice person, going down a shaft, a car and a key.
Day 14
Dream recall of my ex-husband and he visiting our son in a huge shelter. The people were given sugary plastic-looking dough/pastries to eat. Our son always on roller skates.

Prover 11
Day 14
Very vivid dream about an old house, clearing it out and selling it, cleaning up the past and putting light into dark corners.
Day 22
A lot-me as a priest/monk, with a black robe.
Day 28
I remember cycling with flat tyres (but not worrying about them too much).

Prover 3
Day 11
Dreamt I got married + people were throwing cheese onto other people’s heads.

Prover 4
Strange dream, everything was disintegrating like in a paper shredder, almost like a large wall, bits of wall were floating around, massive paper floating down through the air. Bits were floating off from the wall. Uniform bits, about the size of a pebble. Not had this dream before-felt very clear-disintegrating-being trapped not sure about it-not clear enough.
Day 14
Dreamt of one of my first girlfriends but it looked nothing like her- in fact she looked like a girlfriend of an old friend who is now dead- it was a strange dream- about the impossibility of reconciliation.

Prover 1
Day 9
Falling off a cliff in the car, P (daughter) with me. Shinning golden light as I was falling, thinking that I was about to die but at peace. Blacked out landed at bottom, rescued and was fine!
Day 12
Night time, dark red bricks at shopping centre, meeting up with son.
Day 13
Full of people, good atmosphere.
Day 14
Crowded with people. Trying to organise return trip from abroad, all felt too complicated but not my problem. Golden lovely light around.
Day 16
Golden landscape.
Day 17
Full of happy people.
Day 18
Busy, lots of brown colours.
Day 19 Happy and warm in a shack on a mountain.
Day 20
People at a festival, crowded but not uncomfortable.
Day 21
Got married, happy but couldn’t actually remember the ceremony other than it took place at the bottom of stairs looking up.

Prover 6
Day 14
I didn’t really have a dream, but just saw a huge group of people- couldn’t see what they did….
Day 15
I was dreaming about children-somebody was looking after a baby, playing etc.