The Homeopathic Proving of Naufragium Helvetia (the shipwreck)
by Mary L English DSH

This proving was the result of a lovely short break that my son and I had in The Gower Peninsula, on the South Coast of Wales.

On the beach at Rhossilli Bay is the wreck of The Helvetia which has lain there for over 115 years. I decided to take a small portion of the hull of the boat to make a proving and I sent it to my friend John Lee(alias Nhoj Eel)at Ainsworths and this time he made it up to a 30c. I then came home and organised the proving and did some research about the actual wreck.
I took one dose of the remedy myself a month before the proving started, just in-case it held any deep corners...........and have remained 'stuck' ever since.
In writing up these notes I am releasing the energy of the proving, the sense of stuckness.

Rhossilli Bay

But I digress.

The provers numbered 7.
prover 1: male poet
prover 2: female charity worker in the Gambia
prover 3: female retired
prover 4: female artist
prover 5: male homeopath
prover 6: female flower healer
prover 7: male poet

My major concern before I did the proving was to see if the provers picked up anything at all about the sea or ships. I suppose in this instance I was putting Homeopathy to the test. I conducted the proving during the anniversary of the sinking (which happened on the 31st Oct 1887) from Monday 28th October-Sunday 3rd November.
All the provers took 5 doses of 30c over 5 days and either took it first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Sat and Sun no remedy was taken. None of the provers had any idea what the remedy was made from. This was a completely 'blind' proving.

Summary of the words of the provers

I needn't have worried about the provers coming out with relative symptoms.
All of them expressed watery words : 'washed out', 'bloated', 'sinking under water', 'drained', 'bubbly tummy', 'tearful' and their symptoms were expressed through the watery parts of the body : 'runny nose', 'fluent, clear choryza both nostrils', 'sore eyes', 'weeing in the night', 'sore fanny'.

One prover even had a strange experience while he was in a cafe :
P1 "...when paying I drop a penny, for a brief moment I see it fall in slow motion, like it's sinking under water, I want to ask the cafe staff 'Wow! Did you see that ?'", but coupled with this were feelings of being blocked, physically as well as emotionally.

One prover had a 'blocked and runny nose', another felt 'over-stuffed' from eating too much, their thinking was blocked : 'can't concentrate', 'things not making sense'; speech was even blocked : 'tongue tied'; their work was blocked : 'procrastination' and 'uninspired' in their creativity. Their emotions took a hammering : 'heart not in it', 'cruel', 'impassioned observer', 'automaton', 'rankled', 'moody', 'peeved', 'mardy', 'indifferent', 'frustrated' and 'impatient'.

It even went as far as being physically blocked, which I found the most surprising:
P7 " I was late, because I kept getting blocked by impassable vehicles; diggers etc."
P3 "- the weather was awful - so gave up trying to get to Watford - traffic a nightmare, total gridlock - turned round and came home."
P6 "Take the tube and got the wrong branch of the Northern line!!!"
P5 "Excessive problems getting to work. Trains broke down, buses broke down, traffic congestion. Whichever route I took was just as difficult."
P2 "Kept quiet in the court, but was frustrated by the days events, not being able to collect our authentication & marriage certificates and all the discussions in the one language I struggle to understand (Wolloff)."

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Being blocked came out in other ways too. This prover has to work in retail to supplement her income and it's not what she wants to do, and in this example she blocks out the words of her 'controller' :
P4 'Friday 1st November - 'Slept well, sorry still no dreams. Getting in to work. Loads of traffic. Hard day. Worked at the shop. Area Controller at me to work more Saturdays, closing later now, open Sundays! Time I got home I was quite down about it. But J helped, it's only a job. Found it difficult to concentrate when Controller was talking to me, suppose I've heard it all before'.

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