The Birth Charts of Indigo Children On-Going Project

These are REAL charts from my Indigo data-base. If you would like your chart made the same way, please click here Mary's Astro Price-List Please don't email me and ask if you are an Indigo as there is enough info on my site for you to make up your own mind:)

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This is an early chart and as you will see, Jupiter hasn't quite joined the other planets and is in 'house' number 2, plus Neptune and Uranus are too far apart, however, this has a nice Indigo feel to it and this person will certainly display Indigo characteristics.
'Andy'24th August 1976 9.15pm

'Belt' 17th November 1983 9.29pm Budapest, Hungary

This person has all their planets (except the Moon) clustered together in 4 houses......

BIG cluster of 7 planets in 3 houses, the rest either side. A good Indigo Chart.
'Towlys' 23rd September 1981 9.30pm Limassol

This is a 'true' Indigo Chart. Neptune and Uranus are together in house number 4, all the planets are in 6 houses (5 actually,as house number 3 is empty.
'Debbie's Son' 25th March 1998 6.50am Pretoria, ZA

This little chap has his Uranus and Neptune right on the Ascendant, so he should easily feel at home in the Indigo environment
'Gus' 12th April 1994 3pm London

STOP PRESS! Fantastic one-sided chart, the Scorpios and Librans born at this time have wonderful shapes. Here is one from Canada.
'Old Gobbo'28th Sept 1984, 1.32pm, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada.