Hello.Welcome! My name is Mary English. I am a Homeopath and Astrologer. To read about my research into Indigo Children's Birth Charts, please click on the Indigo link above.If you have any queries about Indigo Children please feel free to email me but please don't ask me if you're an Indigo:) To read my Newsletter that discusses Indigo Adults and what their Birth Charts look like, please down load this Microsoft document from here : Indigo Adults

Indigo Adult and Child Feedback
With Comments About Adult Indigos

Dear Mary,
Sure, I would love to be of some help in your research. I'm not too sure of the full impact my Pluto and Uranus have on my life, but I'm sure it has a lot to do with the amount of moving I have done.It has taught me that my roots are not a building or a place but within me. Home for my children and I is wherever we are together.
To answer your questions:

Do I feel it helps knowing that I'm an Indigo?
Most certainly! I now have an explanation for my odd, eccentricities, for my not fitting in with the norm. I am a round peg who has found a round hole the right size!
What does being an Indigo bring me?
Peace of mind, fulfillment, finally knowing what my purpose is here in this life.
In what way does the Indigo phenomena change my view of life?
Before I heard about the Indigo phenomena, I felt overwhelmed by the seeming lack of success in my life, lack of direction and the only way I could 'fit' in was to be what everyone expected me to be. In doing that, I was stifling my creativity, my soul and I disliked myself intensely. I felt that life was to be battled with and nothing came easy, without a fight. I am now going with MY inner flow and I love life. I don't need to prove anything, don't need a career to validate my existence. I change people's lives by the way I live my life, the way I believe in myself. Like a stone in a pond, my ripples go out and even wash around obstacles.
Have I met other Indigos?

I have met some adult indigos who are still trying to fit in with society's belief system, and are not receptive to the Indigo phenomena. I have met lots of Indigo children whose company I revel in and they in mine. (my friends think I should study child psychology!)
Would I like to meet some?

Most certainly!
How different are Indigos to 'regular' people?
Indigos are wealthy in spirit and are never 'draining' company to be in. They are very sensitive to energy of all kinds. Indigos have no need for material wealth. In my own experience, I am called: amazing, talented, psychic, extremely intelligent and big hearted. Most people feel intimidated by me and are unwilling to have me on their 'team'. This antithisis of behaviour is what Indigos stir up in regular people because Indigos are 'whole', spiritual people.It is ok to be me, I am accepted as me. I love life. I have everything I need.

Good Morning Mary
The date of birth I gave you was my daughter R's. My mum has visited you in Bath and had readings etc... having visited your website and heard all the wonderful things mum has said about you, I would be interested in a reading. My little darling is definately an old soul!
Look forward to hearing from you

Hello Mary,
I saw your article in S&D (Indigo Children), and was keenly interested in what you had to say. I've heard the description before, but didn't really know what the concept was - but your feature was easy to interpret and v. thought provoking. I've always felt different, detached from the mediocrity of life etc.... and whilst I don't seem to meet some of the criteria, I feel I do others. I'd be interested to see if I was, but at the moment cannot afford a birth chart reading, still I'm v.pleased to have found your website anyhow. If you could let me know my Sun / Moon sign and ascendant I'd be really grateful.I look forward to hearing from you, and best of luck with your continued work,

Hello Mary,
Thank you so much for your swift reply,and encouraging words. I will indeed phone tonight around 8. In the meantime here are our birth details so that you have a record of them.I look foward to talking to you later, and I feel so much better now that we have made contact, I know this will bring huge benefits to E.Many thanks, and for the hugs! (I am often overwhelmed and at a loss by his behaviour, and I found you via chance on the internet, but of course it was the guides that directed me.)
Kind Regards,

Dear Mary,
I have just read the article about Indigo Children in the March issue of Spirit and Destiny. I found your site and sent my details but an not sure that they went through. I am a ? year old female and all of my planets are clustered on one half of my chart and I do share many of the characteristics of the Indigo phenomenon so I thought I would contact you and give you my details for your research. I would love to hear if you think I am an Indigo.
Hi Mary,
Thank you very much for your prompt reply! Wow! You're fast. I do not require an analysis of my chart at this time but I will keep you in mind for the future. As you have included my chart in your Indigo data base, does this mean that you think it is the chart of an Indigo person?
Best regards,

Dear Mary,
I'm emailing you in response to the message you have posted on the Indigo Network. I think that I am an indigo, and am eagerly researching the subject. I am enclosing my birth details for your research and would really love if you could email me back should you find anything in my chart to suggest that I am. I have had a couple of birthcharts done for me before and they have conflicted on my ascendent, with some I am Aquarius rising and with others I am Capricorn, I feel that I am more Aquarius, but would love to find out for certain.
Born: ******UK
Many thanks for your time,

hi mary, my mum was reading an article in Spirit and Destiny magazine about indigo children and she thinks that i am one if them. i read the list of characteristics and i have nearly all of them. i would really like to know if i am one so leas reply back to me.
dear mary,
thankyou very much for e mailing me back. im not quite sure how to read the chart that you sent me. is there anyway you can tell if i am an indigo child by just looking at my date of birth? im pretty sure that i am one as i matched all of the characteristrics listed in the article. for a while i have been able to talk to people who were dead. one of my teachers died and i could speak to her. i almost always feel a pressence around me. please tell me if i am one. i really need to know that im not just crazy! thanks again Mary,

a friend saw the movie about children and told me about them. I just looked up the traits and my daughter has most of them. She was born ******. I have her natal chart would you like me to email it to you? I'm just curious if she is in fact an Indigo child..thanks for any help..
K :)

Hi Mary
my name his B i was born in 81 im coming from Montreal, Canada and i am libra
i just read about your web page its really fascinating cuz its was not to long ago that i have heard about indigo child but my first hint is when my mom told me that her friend neightbor told her once that her daughter is very inteligente little blonde girl that can even see aura of people with some colors so later on a few month i have read about a new phenomenon of indigo child i have read the story on pravda.ru english section of courseso i began to want some more info because there was some dot that point to me very much but still questionning myself with a lot of thing but thats the point i wanted to email youhow many kind of indigo child can be in the world i cannot see the aura of people butim matching with your discription. im know myself that iwas diff from a long time but u know we do not have the choice to adapt in this kind of society and world that we are living so many war and injustice ( i read news about whats going on in the world each day)but good faith and God will keep our moral high even when we have down
i love people but not injustice or disrespect and all kind of torture moral or physique and have a strong ambition to make a beautiful familly with a stable wife.love is the best this is a part of what i think. ((By 1981 the first conjunction occurs, with Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter being in Libra.)) <-- more hint everyday for me i was born in 81 and im libra so this is this mean im from the first batch of indigo child ? and the girls about 12- 15 years old my neightbor is from the last batch ?
u describe me in this, thats why i email you i have read a lots of site about this but first time i email about this to someone. I found it exciting to be able to offer some hope to ADD and ADHD children and those with the characteristics that Doreen had identified.
have a good day and please email me
B (someone of wants some answers)

My first name is M. I am pretty interested in astrology so I found your website in a roundabout way through Eric Francis's website. I don't know how much of the Indigo Children stuff fitsme, but I did end up dropping out of high school and finishing it through analternative, self-paced school (using correspondence so I had barely any class time). I am also definitely "high strung" and true to my chart, I am focused on the top (Southern?) part of my chart/life, and have kind of a difficult time with the mundane things (no one would accuse me of being a neat-freak). I'm also interested in and troubled by the current political atmosphere in the U.S. so I guess that might fit in with the Indigo Children thing? I have been known to have some very strong opinions about it (and many other things). Also true to my chart I'm very interested in movies, music, photography and other Pisces-ish things, but I like the out of the norm music/movies etc. which I would guess is the Aquarian part. I'm not sure what else to say, but if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.