Hi, my name is Mary English and I am an Astrologer and have been researching the Astrological Birthcharts of Indigo Children, the strong-willed, creative, headstrong individuals that Lee Carroll and Jan Tober wrote about in their book The Indigo Children and Doreen Virtue, wrote about in The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children.There is lots of information on the page below and links to other Indigo websites. If you click on the tabs above you will be taken to other pages on my site..
You can read the results of my research explaining the unique differences of Indigo Children's Birth-charts by clicking here The Birthcharts of Indigo Children by Mary L English

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If you would like more details on Indigo's visit this site:
Indigo Society
IndigoSociety.com website/forum created by 'Daniel' an Indigo himself so that Indigos can meet-up and communicate with each other in a friendly environment.

Here is a poem sent to me by an Indigo called Timothy Brewis. He has written these as lyrics to a song he performs :
We have no fear because we know just who we are;
We are the changers, we can see the way ahead.
Misunderstood and chastised as we defy the laws,
Our good intentions clash with outmoded conventions.

CHORUS: We will not stand in line and wait
Our time is now!
We will not stand in line
The time has come to seize what's ours.

We are the warriors, the messengers from God
Isolated, medicated aliens in your midst.
Talking without saying a word the Indigo's write-
We will find our peace, our purpose, we will find our truth.
copyright Mary L English 1999-2016