shape of the indigo generation

"I noticed that Indigos have birth charts that are rather unique"


The Indigo children are a generation who are born to shake up our institutions and lead the way forward. Carolyn Burdet meets an astrologer who discovered the unique shape of Indigo charts, and Claire Gillman has her son's pioneering nature explained.

Adam had been getting into trouble at school for hitting other children. He was also having nightmares. When his mother took him to see a homeopath for his cough he was given a consitutional homeopathic remedy. Adam's cough got better and his behaviour improved. Barbara consulted Bath homeopath Mary English about her son Tom's asthma. His inhaler medication made him hyperactive. Tom's primary school teacher had complained : 'He won't sit still, and he's always asking questions.' Mary English noticed several children seemed to be presenting a similar pattern of symptoms and behavioural problems. Increasing numbers of primary school children, whose restlessness is perceived as disruptive behaviour, are being diagnosed by educational psychologists as hyperactive or having attention deficit disorder (ADD or ADHD).

Indigo Traits

A more child-centred view is that the educational system is outmoded and failing this generation of children-being expected to sit in straight rows and concentrate quietly on a workbook doesn't hold their interest, and turning a blind eye to their boredom is failing to help them develop their true potential.

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