Mary's Useful List of Related Websites

Mary L English
Homeopathy, Astrology and Hypnotherapy

Mary @ Dodona Books
My Astrology publisher, Dodona Books part of John Hunt Publishing

Mary @ Ayni Books
My Homeopathy publisher, Ayni Books part of John Hunt Publishing

Lucy English
My older sister Lucy English, Slam Poet, Author, Creative Writing Lecturer

Toby English
My older brother Toby English, Antique Book Dealer

Jean English
My mother, Jean English, Poet and Author of The History of the English Family

Emily English
My younger sister Emily English, Painter/Decorator and Artist

Astrodienst Banner
The BEST website on the Net for FREE birth charts and oodles of information on Astrology with a forum. Well worth a visit, based in Switzerland.

The Astrological Association of Great Britain
My membership organisation and a useful site for Astrology Students

The Society of Authors
My author membership organisation. Note all my writing is protected by copyright.

Another great place to get a FREE Birth-chart Wheel.

Dr Edward Bach Centre
Home page of the Dr Edward Bach Centre

Judy Hall
Judy Hall, Astrologer and Author

Donna Cunningham + Donna's Blog
Donna Cunningham, Astrologer, Author and Blogger

Sally Morningstar
Sally Morningstar, Author and Hedgewitch

Dr Stephen Gascoigne, Dr of Medicine, Acupuncturist, Speaker, Teacher
Dr Stephen Gascoigne

ABC Homeopathy Site
Comprehensive Homeopathy Site

The Contemporary College of Homeopathy
Run and founded by my first-year tutor, Mike Bridger.

The School of Homeopathy
Where I studied for my Homeopathy Diploma

Llewellyn have one of THE most comprehensive book-lists for Astrology and Mind/Body/Spirit. You can order books on-line or just browse through pages of relevant useful information on witchcraft and all things mystical.

Midheaven Books London
Great Place to get Astrology Software and Books

Nelson's the makers of the Bach Flower range of essences and Homeopathic remedies.

Federation of Holistic Therapists
My professional membership organisation

I wrote a regular Astrology Column for this magazine. Great articles on Green/Organic Parenting.

Homeopathy Home
Massive website, biggest Homeopathic resource with discussion Forums and articles

Usha Pearce
My Homeopathic colleague Usha Pearce's Site. She helped with the Homeopathic proving of Aquae-Sulis the Bath Spa Water.

George Vithoulkas
Very well known Greek Homeopath

World of Wisdom
Writer of easy-to-understand Astrology Software. Good collection of Interesting Astrological Articles