What Shape Are You?

My name is Mary English and I am a professional Astrologer and Author of a series of Zodiac Sun sign books Mary's Amazon Book Page
This page will give you some information on the different Astrological Chart Shapes, using famous people's charts.
If you imagine that the golden star in the centre of the chart is the earth spinning in space and the red blobs around the circle are the planets also spinning in space, you'll get an idea of what a birth chart is.
At the moment, all it looks like is a circle, divided into 12 anti-clockwise segments, when actually it's a map of the heavens on a certain date.
Western Astrologers divide the circle into those 12 segments to represent 12 divisions in the sky. So if you imagine you are on that golden earth in the centre, looking up at the sky above, those 12 segments are just us dividing the sky into 12 different parts. For further information on how Astrology works, please read my Kindle E-Book 6 Easy Steps in Astrology
The three examples I will be using are the charts of Prince William, Prince Harry and Paris Hilton. We know what star sign they are by their date of birth and you'll see their signs are highlighted in each chart.

Prince William-'See-Saw Shape'
Born at 9.03pm on 21st June 1982 at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, in central London Prince William's Website
Prince William is (what we call) a Cancer (Sun sign) and on the day he was born Sagittarius was the sign that was 'Ascending' or 'Rising' at that particular time on that day....he's still a Cancer but his Ascendant is Sagittarius.

Prince Harry-'Bucket Shape'
Born at 4.20pm on 15th September, 1984 at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington, in central London Prince Harry's Website
Prince Harry is a Virgo (we know that from his date of birth) and his Ascendant is Capricorn.

Paris Hilton-'Cluster Shape'
Paris is Sun sign Aquarius with Moon in Leo and a Sagittarius Ascendant Paris Hilton's Website

Astrology takes into account the differences between all human beings. We're not all the same. Yes, we can be categorised into the same Sun signs but when you get into Astrology a bit, you'll learn there is more than just the Sun sign to discover .

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