The Homeopathic Proving of Aquae-Sulis

Provers First (primary) Reaction to the Remedy
Picking-up about the Remedyís Source

Prover 9
Day One
9am Took Remedy
9.20am Ė Meditate Ė "Image of green, tall grass as if I am inside a swamp-breeze blowing the grass above my head. As if I am very small-looking up to this grass and the sky beyond. My Guide took me up and we looked down on tall grass stretching out below us, some bulrushes in there as well. Water-small streams running through.

Now set me down in a deep dark forest-makes me think of rainforest. Very wet, Iím still small, some branches, things seem huge. I can hear the sound of insects, very noisy cacophony. I could be frightened but I feel secure at the moment. Itís warm & damp. This forest, the grass has been here forever, since the planet began.

Stepped into a swampy hole, sucked down. Mouth, ears, eyes filled with swamp. Hands above my head, travelling very fast down a channel of light, feet first. Deep into the earth, into its core.

Hit rock with a bump. Iím me, but more elemental than who I was, more the essence of me, part of a shaft of light. (Feel tired, heavy-the meditation).
Rock is cold, dark like jet, jagged, glistens in the light. Rocky landscape, no sky but light enough for me to see. Textures important-smooth rock, sharp, jagged rough not easy to walk so I sit in one place. No sound, sulphur smell-volcanic? I slip into a crevasse and become part of the rock- shaky, shard, brittle, easily broken upÖÖÖ (words which come to me) Stepping back from meditation now."

Prover 2
Day 1
Very scattered energy. I feel on the one hand like marching up and down the streets bellowing and yet on the other hand applying a soft healing balm to myself. I get cross cos Iím supposed to be serious and thus have to channel this pixie energyÖ..something from a museum? old head?
Day 2
Am fine. Sort of neither here nor there. If I think of being in my body then I feel like a warrior, or an old lady huddled up.
Not sure which.
Day 4
I am thinking of heads. Skulls. Ashes. I know that itís something connected to a museum- an artefact that is celtic. I thought maybe a spearhead but not a spear or arrowhead. I think something different. Which museum. I muse perhaps the witchcraft one in Tintagel, but more likely the british museum, or something local. I think it is an object connected to someone, perhaps the warrior I felt the other day. King Author?
I see it, feel it. A warrior, male. Now that kind of does come from nowhere in me, as if itís the remedy.