The Homeopathic Proving of Aquae-Sulis

Why this proving?

So what possessed me to make a proving of this water? Well it was prompted by an email from the US, from a Homeopath called Kim:

"It's a client who has done reasonably well on Carc Cum Cuprum, Cuprum and Calc Carb (and a few other mineral remedies during acutes), but just wasn't getting quite as well as I know a deep similimum can do. So I asked her to describe the most healing substance in the world to her - and she said it was green and warm, more liquid than solid but solid enough to support her body, it was peaceful and calming with the music of nature all around her, there's no shape to it and it flows on forever, nurturing like the green of the woods, it's moist - then she spontaneously said "oh - it's green water!" but was very clear to say that it was very warm, healing and fresh water, not the ocean. This was when I silently asked my guides what water this was, because I could not think of any fresh warm green water - and Aquae Sulis is what came. And it perfectly fits her description of what she needs, and with such a high concentration of copper, and of course the calcium as well, it also makes perfect homeopathic sense given the remedies that have been healing for her in the past."

I decided to not only make a remedy of the water for this lady, but also to conduct a proving to find out the healing qualities it might contain. My fellow Homeopath Usha, agreed to help with the proving, as she’d never conducted one before and Kim in the US also agreed to do one that would commence soon after ours finished.
I sent a sample straight away to Helios, having been assured that they encouraged new provings and after a few days I received back a 30c bottle and 200c.

The Proving

Eleven provers
Prover 1 Female age 38yrs Taurus Earth 30c
Prover 2 Female age 33yrs Sagittarius Fire 30c
Prover 3 Female age 36yrs Virgo Earth 200c
Prover 4 Male age 62yrs Capricorn Earth 200c
Prover 5 Female age 41yrs Aries Fire 30c
Prover 6 Female age 37yrs Aquarius Air 200c
Prover 7 Female age 45yrs Pisces Water 30c
Prover 8 Female age 41 yrs Cancer Water 200c
Prover 9 Female age 56yrs Libra Air 200c
Prover 10 Female age 59yrs Cancer Water 30c
Prover 11 Male age 57yrs Sagittarius Fire 30c
Earth = 3
Air = 2
Fire = 3
Water = 3

We divided the provers, so half would have the 30c and half the 200c.
6 had 30c and 5 the 200c.
The instructions to the provers were to take one tablet to start at 9am on Monday 23rd January and we would assess how they progressed, to see if they needed a repeat. As none of the provers knew what they were taking, it was interesting afterwards to discover that Prover number 9 had already proved the water from The Cross Baths.
Provers 2, 8 and 9 were 'double-blind' provers being supervised by Mabel Smith who didn’t know what the remedy was either.
Provers 2 and 9 produced the strongest symptoms.
Provers 1, 5, 7, and 10 were supervised by Usha.
Provers 3, 4, 6 and 11 were supervised by me.
‘P’ represents partner, child or other close family member.
Nearly all of the provers were new to provings and spent a lot of time wondering what the remedy was, were the symptoms they were feeling part of their ‘self’ or part of the proving?
I quote Samuel Hahnemann's ‘Organon of the Medical Art’ sixth edition edited by Wenda Brewster O’Reilly p158, § 138:

"During a proving, all ailments, befallments and alterations in the prover’s condition should be attributed to the medicine."