Mary's Book Page

"The books by Mary English on the signs of the zodiac provide an ideal way to start learning about astrology. They are particularly suited to anyone who has had their interest piqued through newspaper sun-sign columns and wants to learn a bit more. Each book introduces one sign of the zodiac, and from that basis Mary introduces the reader to the bigger picture: the astrological chart. It seems to me that she strikes a good balance: the basics of constructing a chart are explained, but she never allows this to become dry and theoretical. The reader is kept interested throughout partly by her lively use of anecdotes, and also because she provides the wherewithal to draw up your own astrological chart, so that one is learning about astrology and about oneself from the get-go. Her engaging, conversational style makes the reader feel as if they are having a good gossip with a friend rather than studying, but nonetheless a lot of information is imparted. Her books can be recommended not only to astrological novices, but also to seasoned professionals who feel the need for some astrological refreshment."

Garry Phillipson, author of Astrology in the Year Zero (Astrology Now)