This proving is given to you in the spirit of 'free speech' to allow you to read about what happens during a proving.What is recorded here is what the provers felt,dreamt, thought and experienced during the proving weeks.You can draw your own conclusions but please be kind enough to respect that this work took months to collate and was conducted in a professional, caring manner. I would appreciate you being/doing the same when you comment on it.


The Homeopathic Proving of 'Calculus Orbis'
Stanton Drew Stone Circle
By Mary English DSH, RSHom

Stanton Drew Stone Circle is about six miles south of Bristol. The site is " in a broad, rich, well-wooded valley, through which winds the Chew, a rather sluggish stream, on its way to the Avon.These remains consist of three peristaliths (two of them with attached avenues) in some closes on the eastern side of the village; a group of three large stones near the church; a couple of stones together in a field two-thirds of a mile from the circles, about one-third of a mile N.N.E from the great circle."
Quoted from 'The Ancient remains at Stanton Drew in the county of Somerset' by Charles William Dymond, FSA.1896
This proving was made from small fragments of stone from 3 of the great circle stones and was potentised and produced at Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacy by Jon Lee.
The volunteers took the first dose of the 6c remedy @ 9am on Monday 2nd February 2004 (Imbolc) when the Moon was in Gemini, the Sun in Aquarius and the Ascendent was Pisces (my Sun sign). Each 'prover' has been recording their emotions, feelings, symptoms, dreams and life-experiences,and these private records are published here.They completed the proving on 29th February, when the Sun was in Pisces, the Moon (again) in Gemini and the Ascendent in Taurus.

The Homeopathic Proving of Stanton Drew Stone Circle by Mary English DSH

My older sister, Lucy, first introduced me to Stanton Drew Stone Circle when I moved to Bath from London. It lies in a large field occupied by sheep and overlooks an expanse of green, with hills in the distance and a river just below the last few stones. I am, I admit, a Stone Circle fan, but I am no expert.
At some point in the year 2000, I decided to make a remedy from the stones, having just completed my first proving 'Tempesta' , the storm remedy. Some time in the summer I took some small shards of loose stone from 3 of the stones and it wasn't until the Autumn of that year, that I got round to sending them to John Lee at Ainsworths to be made into a remedy. We discussed the best way to make the remedy and decided that soaking overnight in alcohol would be the best option as I wanted to return the samples I had taken, back to their 'home'.
On the morning of 13th November 2000, John made the remedy and posted me a 7g bottle of 6c potency. Over the next few years, I tried a few, gave a few away to clients, gave some to a 'Tempesta' prover who kindly kept a record (which mysteriously fits in with the provers symptoms) and there the bottle sat, on my remedy shelf, in my office, until 2004 when I decided, now was the time, to finally get round to doing the proving and releasing the energies of the remedy. Little did I know, until completing the proving, the I was already being influenced by the remedy's energies. It took over 3 years for me to 'get the strength' to organise the proving. It seems an equally long time for me to finally sit at the PC and write this up. There is no 'rush' in this remedy, no 'need for speed'.

I would like to thank my sister, Lucy English for introducing me to Stanton Drew and helping with the write-up, my brother, Toby English for giving me the relevant reference books, my nephew,Dory English for taking the photos Jon Didymus RSHom for his supervision and summary, Mabel Smith RSHom for her supervision and support, my son, Simon Goldsteinfor being there and my husband, Jonathan Margetts for his love and encouragement. I would also like to thank all of the provers for the time and considerable effort they put into something they had no knowledge of and which took some of them to rather dark places. Your contribution is very valued. Without provers, there would be no remedies and without remedies, Homeopathy wouldn't exist.

The provers were 12 in number, one kept her journal in 2001 the other 11 commenced in 2004.

The Sun-signs of the provers were Taurus x2, Gemini, Leo, Virgo x2, Libra x2, Scorpio, Saggitarius, Pisces x2.

The provers began their journals on Monday 26th January and on Monday, February the 2nd 2004 they all took the remedy at 9am (except one who forgot and took it the next day and one who took it at 9pm). They continued with their journals until Sunday 29th February when they all anti-doted the remedy with one dose of Sulphur 6c. (except one prover who'd so enjoyed the positive effects of the remedy, she decided to have another dose to keep!)
N.B.Prover number 12 took the remedy over 4 consecutive days in a 2 week period in 2001 and took more than 3 months to actually send me her notes!

During the month of the proving, of the 12 provers, one visited Avebury, four visited Stanton Drew Stone Circle itself and one dreamt of Salisbury Plain (where Stonehenge lies). No-one knew what they had taken..............................

Note from English Heritage. "It is an offense to cause any damage to a scheduled monument without consent under the 1979 Ancient Monuments and Archaelogical Areas Act". English Heritage