This proving is given to you in the spirit of 'free speech' to allow you to read about what happens during a proving.What is recorded here is what the provers felt,dreamt, thought and experienced during the proving weeks.You can draw your own conclusions but please be kind enough to respect that this work took months to collate and was conducted in a professional, caring manner. I would appreciate you being/doing the same when you comment on it.

The Homeopathic proving of 'Tempesta' the Storm by Mary English

Certain things happened before I conducted this proving and I will just out-line the build-up.
I was a student Homoeopath. I studied for 2 years at Regents College in London , then transferred to The School of Homoeopathy in Devon run by Mr Misha Norland.
In my original ignorance I believed that anything was possible (I still do). I read books about the ancient crafts , the way women used to live, with the earth , with herbs , with experience. I admit I one day when I was sitting on my back step , a storm ensued. I popped into the kitchen and got a remedy bottle and left it in the garden and captured the rain in it. There was a small amount of thunder , a flash or two of lightning.....after about 20mins it went as quickly as it had come. But I left the bottle there until the calm came , and after a while , took it back in. I added some brandy and left it on the shelf in the kitchen.

A few weeks later I had some friends round for drinks and chats and remembered that I'd got this 'remedy' and asked if anyone wanted to try it.
My sister, being a true Aquarius, was well up for it, and we all had a drop in our drinks.
This was not a proving. I hadn't really much idea about provings, but anyway we all sat there and the conversation got round to fires and, it's quite strange looking back, how we all had a story to tell of buildings burning and escaping from them, or being near them or cars igniting, that sort of stuff.
The party animal who is normally the last to go to bed, suddenly announced she was very weary and retired to her camper van.

Weeks elapsed, then my sister told me she'd met a new bloke. She had finished with her old boyfriend, after a lot of trauma, and this new man had (very romantically) captured her heart.
Then I got a call to say another 'prover' had found a new woman having gone through a horrible divorce.........I was pleased for them both. I even gave some live on air to the presenter of BBC Radio Bristol and I've still got on tape his primary reaction to imbibing a storm. I took more remedy myself in the mistaken, and un-homoeopathic belief, that more is best...I basically overdid it and had a very short-lived fling.
Then the bottle leaked into my handbag and that was the end of that!

A year later, in May 1999, another storm began during a week of weird events (for me) and it was an evening storm. Hooray!
I ran into the garden with my bottle and laid it on the step, then sat in my verandah and watched it all unfold.
I LOVE storms. Thunder raged, lightning flashed, and rain beat heavily onto the ground; no wind, just pure energy wrapped around me.
This time I left the bottle only for the height of the proceedings. I wanted to get the maximum amount of whooooosh captured. I ran into the deluge and rescued my bottle and skipped back inside.
Storm 2 sat on the shelf overnight.
The next day I sent it to my chum John Lee at Ainsworths and he made it into a nice 6c and sent me back the remedy.

I then set about organising a proving, having learned about them from Jeremy Sherr's book (The Dynamics and Methodology of Homeopathic Provings, published by Dynamis Books) from college and Samuel Hahnemann ($121 Organon of the Medical Art, published by Birdcage Books).

I was worried that this remedy would be rubbished by other Homeopaths, so I was at pains to ensure that the proving I did was a cross section of people: male, female, gay, straight and also an actual Homoeopath.
(I tried to find, and managed to get, all the elements from astrology; Earth, Air, Fire and Water; namely; Taurus x2, Libra x2 , Gemini, Leo, Scorpio and Pisces.This is because I have an interest in astrology.)

My final proving list involved 8 volunteers. Only 2 of them knew each other. Everyone else only knew me.
The proving took place in August 1999.

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