The Homeopathic Proving of 'Tempesta' the Storm by Mary English
The Nature Of a Storm

Storms mostly occur in England during the early summer and generally last only 1-2 hours.
They begin when a parcel of warm, moist air close to the ground rises quickly, creating an unstable situation with upcurrents and downcurrents all vying for attention. The condensation that is formed bashes about with the water droplets creating static electricity with negative electrical charges collecting in the middle and lower parts of the cloud and positive charges collecting at the top.
Eventually the differences between these two charges is so great that BANG a massive spark is released as the charges even themselves out.
Lightning is the negative charge trying to reach the ground as quickly as possible and is attracted to places that are positively charged; i.e. that tree you're standing under or T.V. arial on your roof. When the two charges meet, that's the flash you see.
Thunder is the sound of air expanding at super speed 'cos the lighting has heated it up to the temperature of the Sun in seconds flat. (Bet you didn't know that air could make a sound!)

Basically the inside of a storm cloud is chaos trying to find a way to sort itself out and re-balance.

The Proving

The Provers consisted of : 1) Male (gay), 2) Female, 3) Male, 4) Female, 5) Female, 6) Male, 7) Female, 8) Female.


7) I then had a dream that he was an old fashioned sailing ship with drawers. Inside the drawers were old fashioned tools.

4) Dreamed of the end of the world , or a least , massive tsunami (tidal wave) hitting San Francisco. I was with an alien who seemed to know what was going to happen and was getting an underground shelter ready. Alien was yellow and furry.

8) Very unpleasant dream where I was in court re the death of my son, some considerable time after the event. Threat of imprisonment or indefinite psychiatric detention hung over me and I felt my life was ruined. The judge adjourned the case for a private psychiatric review at which I had no representation. My godmother who is herself a psychiatrist said the tribunal chairwoman was dreadful. I had to appeal against the judge's ruling to have the nature of the hearing changed so that I could have any (e.g. legal) representation.

8) Working in an office looking at maps of rivers and harbours. An official was visiting and he was meant to check each person's work in turn, but he wouldn't come and sit with me, each time he'd find a reason to go off and do something else - even though my colleagues said he should sit with me and check my work, and it was simple work and wouldn't take long.

8) Dream of having hair highlighted at a hairdressers and it goes wrong. Some of the hair comes out very pale blonde and other parts bright red. Feel bad about the whole business.

8) My brother was ill in hospital (youngest brother). He was like a zombie. It was proposed that this was a psychiatric condition , but I protested that no search had been made for any physical cause it might have, such as hypothyroidism and that this ought to be done. There was a feeling of powerlessness against the establishment and having to fight to defend my rights - quite similar to the feeling of the first dream.

6) I cannot remember any dreams but I do know that I dreamed often. I remember that they were dreams about the days events but the sleep was very deep and I was unable to recall facts in the morning. As if I was working hard subconsciously but also very deeply.

5) Dreamed about painting houses and scavenging (skips etc.)

5) Dream of groups of people and kids, not family but family groups. General interaction.

5) Slept deep. Dreamed that other people's belongings had been left at my door.

5) Dreamed vividly. Dreamed that I met up with my brother. (I've only 'met up' like this twice before since he died) He took me to a room and then left me there. In the room were a group of angels. They made a fuss over the condition of my chest and gave me a long and strong healing.