'N'. (male)Glastonbury
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Couple in Sunset

'J'.(female) Glastonbury
I took Tempesta and have never been asked out so many times in my life. It was like becoming a man magnet. Couldn't walk up the street without neighbours racing along their back gardens to intercept me with cuttings and wotnot. It was like that advert. I also gave it to a friend,a nutritionist in Warwickshire who is very spiritually minded and open to cosmic forces.She didn't take it but kept it on a small shrine she had made up,with rose quartz and the like, and she meditated on it. A friend joined her and they did a relaxed kind of wish-sending to the universe together.Anyway the friend met a man that very week. He got in touch with her on some kind of spiritual-mate website which she'd been on forever without any luck! They were together 24/7 for two weeks and then he proposed and Happy Ever After.

Tempesta ROCKS!!!! But I guess you knew that already?! It's only a week since we met but it feels like forever - I'll keep you posted

'M'. (male)London 27th June
Whilst browsing I noticed the Tempesta proving and clicked on to it. No sooner the page came up, than I burst into tears, completely surrounded by amazing energy! Whilst reading the proving, I was absolutely overwhelmed by the power of it and felt some major shifts going on. This is a new one on me, I've felt the energy of remedies before, but never by reading about them!! I now feel a bit dazed by it, a bit like after you've had a shock and have experienced an adrenalin rush.
10th September
Sorry this is so short, but I am in a flurry of packing and list writing in the lead up to a major move of home on Friday. I just wanted to write and tell you my news since taking the Tempesta remedy, I'm sure you'll not be surprised to hear it worked!!! I took one dose of the remedy as per your instructions, having written a list, etc. and two weeks later I met a soulmate and we knew almost instantly that it was the case! Hence my move into our new home (in Cornwall of all places!!) on Friday. I would like to thank you for your participation in the recent events and for making such a powerful and amazing remedy - if ever you need my help, please just ask.
Thank you again and much love.

Couple Sunset

Hello Mary, This is to let you know that I have finally met my soulmate!! "The One" as they say. So, thank you. I don't quite know how long it took from taking Tempesta to meeting B, but we met on 4th August for your records. I hope you are well and happy and hopefully will see you in the not too distant future. Love S.

Tempesta couple

This photo shows Jonathan (on the left) and me at a party where we met a couple who had been united by 'Tempesta'.The lady on the right wrote her letter to the Universe,took 'Tempesta', and met the gentleman behind me. As you can see, we had a fun time celebrating!

M** xx (female)Malvern
Hello Mary,
Thanks for your email, I didn't reply for a while because I didn't feel that I had useful feedback yet, but now I do.
I originally took the remedy months ago, and although I had some interest from people, nothing really went anywhere. Some time later, I thought about things a bit and realised that although on one level I wanted a relationship, on another I was REALLY resisting, so I would tend to avoid anything that looked like it might go somewhere.
Anyway, on the last day of November I made a commitment to myself to allow myself to stay open and vulnerable enough to invite a relationship into my life. That night I took the remedy again, and the next day at my dance class I was invited to the pub with some people, and after giving someone a lift home, I sensed that he seemed interested, but I wasn't quite sure. I had also joined an ethical dating site for people who like the outdoors etc. on the day I first took the remedy (this time), and I was getting some interest there too. By about 2 weeks later I've been on a date with someone on the site, have been asked out by the guy from my class, have another date lined up from the site, and have turned down some other offers. I've not been in this situation before - I'm usually strictly one at a time, but as they all came at once, and it's only 'getting to know you' type dates so far, I'm hoping that one wins out pretty soon!
I also changed my name last July, so I'm M** L***** now, rather than J***** T****. I had my name analysed and it was apparently about the worst combination for relationships anyway, so maybe this was another reason that the remedy worked so well now.

C. female. London
Dear Mary,
A huge thank you to you for all your time and patience and advice.
It is such a rare thing to find someone such as yourself who is genuinely interested and available to help.
You offer a wonderful remedy and you share it with love.
I tried Tempesta as a last resort, and with a huge dose of scepticism. After a few weeks of following your suggestions I met the most wonderful man. He is everything on my 'list'. Its been three months now and we are going from strength to strength.
I truly cannot thank you enough.

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