"Hi Mary, Things in general have improved. He is a lot happier not being at war with the staff. Will let you know how he goes on.All in all his behaviour has improved for which I am truly grateful.Thank you for all your help." Regards Susan

"Hi Mary, J is doing great as am I. All his symptoms I described last time have gone, especially the eczema which just went like magic. Even his immune system is 100 times better and he isn't catching as many bugs and colds, etc. I think the TB remedy hit the nail on the head and was very effective so thank you very much for your help with that. I hope you are well and wish you all the best with the great work that you are doing.Best Wishes"Diane

"Dear Mary,I gave a 30c of Helvetia and my patient feels much more motivated since then and has started looking for a new job which was one of her main problem areas. She has also been more proactive with her love of drama which was what I really wanted to happen as I felt if we could encourage this it would be the positive step she needed to get back on track and unstuck. I had a feeling when I saw her last that the remedy was still doing stuff. I'm happy with the results though. It's a great remedy.Thank You. All the best," Sheila

"Dear Mary,
Thank you so much for your insights + support + for the remedies. I felt better almost straight away after our phone call. The wheezing has gone 95% + I feel loads better.

"Dear Mary
Thank you so much for all your help and support over the years. I have always felt uplifted after talking to you, even if the treatment hadn't been involved you would still have done me the power of good."


"Thank you so much for everything! You have helped me tremendously. I finally feel like I have the pieces to the puzzle I was missing and things are starting to make sense." Rachel

"Dear Mary, I have never written to another astrologer before, but I truly believe you are gifted by God, and felt compelled to thank you. I am a 45 year old astrologer and herbalist born and living in USA. I recently met a man, my "soul-mate", based on composite charts with all of the best aspects indicating friendship, love, sex, and marriage. When we met, the chemistry was true to our charts, he courted me and was the first to say outloud he wanted to grow old with me. Ironically, he doesn't believe in astrology because he's a Christian- First Baptist. Then suddenly and unexpectedly, less than 24 hours after leaving me a voice mail that he misses me and loves me, he send me an email that he wasn't ready to get married-- right now and didn't know when he would be. I've been racking my brain analysing transits, progressions, etc. and even looked to Chinese and Hindu astrology as well. I was at the point of mental and physical exhaustion researching whether or not I should wait for him. Tonight I accidentally came across your site and read "When someone isn't ready to commit the simple truth is-- they don't love you". I have helped so many people in my life, it's truly amazing how God sent you to me exactly when I needed you, with exactly what I needed-- which is the premise of your work and why I believe you are gifted by God. Because our charts were so perfect I couldn't let go and would have wasted the rest of my life waiting and hoping. Thank you for setting me free with your simple profound words of wisdom. Respectfully," M***** Astrologer/Herbalist USA

"Dear Mary.I've spoken to many special people in my life but of them all, you have always given the best advice, in the best way, and you have always made me feel good about myself at the end.When I speak to you, I know I am going to get practical, workable, down-to-earth advice that I can apply in my life. Something tangible I can grasp and incorporate. That quality is invaluable. You are truly an Earth Angel. Love and light"Mark

"Thank you Mary! I appreciate the time that you gave my questions." Heather

"Dear Mary,Thank you so much for the charts and write up on them.You have got details of us bang on!I always wanted to know what I'm like in other people's eyes and reading about this is amazing.I would love to receive a full Birth chart analysis. Thanks Again!Best Wishes Charlotte

"Dear Mary, Hope all is well with you.I have only just spoken to L about R's reading. The day I gave it to her she was going to his Parents Evening so she only looked at it when she had been. She was stunned as it said exactly what the teacher had said about him. It made her feel a lot better as the teacher had given her quite a hard time about R. Unfortunately a lot of teachers want children all to be the same - I can say that as I was a teacher for 30 years and there were a lot of inflexible colleagues. Or they feel threatened by very bright children.Thank you once again for those brilliant readings.Love,Julia

"Hi Mary, Thank you for sending the birth chart interpretation - it was very insightful.Thanks" Diane


"Hi Mary, Thankyou for your advice about going onto the astro website. I believed my daughter could be an indigo child and still do and then I thought I would put my son's D.O.B in just to see what would come up. Well I was blown away,if I did do it right then I would say he is definately an indigo child as everything is on one side of the chart. I went back to your website to read the 15 traits of an indigo child and he has most of them. Anyway I thought i would let you have his dates which I have entered on your on-going project list. Its amazing how two children can be so different yet so alike. Thankyou so much for being out there for people like me!!!! All my love Carolyn

Mary, Would like to thankyou for your email. Finding out I am an Indigo child has brought me alot of peace...hope & inspiration. :) Thank the Gods & Goddesses as I've been searching for what I thought was "wrong" with me for a long time now...becoming more & more disillusioned & dejected. It's the final part of a jig-saw I feel. It has been quite soul destroying at times...I was diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder last year. I would of, without doubt, been diagnosed ADHD as a child if it was around then too. Thankfully, something gave me the strength in the last two years to keep searching for why I am "different". I refused medication & opened my mind to suggestion instead :)... I don't like negative labels, & I am a survivor by nature. Before I had heard about "Indigos" I realised there were some of us that were very, very different...nick-naming us "Rainbows"...from a quote "It takes both sunshine & rain to create a miracle"...it breaks my heart how many of us are "lost souls"..."broken rainbows"...& taken our own lives. I have moved away from Western Medicine, & beaten all the odds to prove I can manage my so called "illness" without mind altering "medication"...simply, because, I accept, I am not "ill", just not understood. "Mans worse fear is the fear of the unknown". I have said all along..."stop medicating Rainbows, open your minds & hearts to us, & let us shine"...:)...someone said to me, it's not about asking people to "let you"...it's about claiming what's intrinsically yours :)...wise words. I did, & I will continue.
I would like to offer heart felt thanks to your dedication to understanding, accepting, & supporting us. You have done a vital part in helping us, to help ourselves to "shine". Bless you. :) Best wishes blessings & peace,
Lisa xxx

"Hi Mary. Thank you so much for your insight in G*****. I have found it very interesting reading. Once again, many thanks. Pat

"Dear Mary .....Thank you for the chart.... you got so much right about J's ways .... He has not got serious behaviour problems .... however he is very outspoken at time and if he thinks he is in the right, he will not stop until he has his say...this causes problems with his teachers as he will persist until he is heard ....and this upsets teachers as I feel they don't like a child with a strong mind and a child which is not intimidated by adults.....Most of the time I admire his persistance (apart from when it's with me) He often talks of his dreams and that he talks to people ...He talks of angels and of places he visits in his sleep ...He has also told me me has lived before ... I listen and try to help him talk but worry that I will fuel an imagination ...I find it hard to know how much I should discuss with him ...He such an old soul and is very sensitive to feelings of others... I hope this gives you an idea of my little man... thank you for your personal replys and fantastic chart, love Rosh x
"Dear Mary,
Thank you so much for E***'s birth analysis, which she is very pleased with and says it is so like how she is and feels."

"Hi Mary,
Thank you for sending the birth chart interpretation - it was very insightful.


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