Old Wardour Castle (left side-view)

Of the twelve original provers, one never received the remedy, one didn't write anything but enjoyed the feelings, one wanted to opt-out at the beginning but after some encouragement agreed to carry on, one only wrote one page of notes and 2 provers liked the remedy so much they didn't want to anti-dote it at the end of the proving!

Interesting for me, was twice during the proving a local firm of scaffolders called 'Castle' were working near to where I live, and in Bath town centre a new branch of an Art Gallery called 'Castle Galleries' opened....

Provers :
8-female (no record)but 'liked' the remedy
9-female(remedy not given)
F = means female friend or partner or relative
M = means male friend or partner or relative

Dreams the provers had of entertaining & parties or hotels

Prover 1
Day 8
At Mum + Dad's expecting guests-loads of wormy things + bugs in dining room-sweeping them outside but they kept growing!
Day 12
Dreamed M and I were staying at a very posh hotel, dressed up for dinner with very elegant friends. He had a meeting to go to, so I had to find my way around a strange place.
Then was in a really slummy building with some friends, we were shabbily dressed + there was rubbish all around the floors. Got a taxi from there + I had to carry a snail home in my mouth all the way home as a dare!

Prover 2
Day -1 Odd dream about a party at 315. Mum and Dad were living there but the boys were grown up. It was their party. I was worried about things getting damaged. I was moving furniture and ornaments and the Persian carpet. 315 was a bit shabby like a rented house. It reminded me of when I was a student. I was worried that Mum and Dad would get upset about all the mess. Everybody was smoking and somebody knocked a drink over. But Mum went to bed and Dad was very much enjoying himself.
Day 4
Had a dream last night about F who is somebody I don't like very much. Haven't thought about her for ages. In the dream she was being flirty and ridiculous and jealous whenever I talked to M. I was at a party? at her house and felt the need to be polite to her because I like M and I didn't want to upset the mood.
Day 7
Had vivid and strange dreams last night. Dreamt I was doing a poetry performance in London and it was awful. The audience kept talking and not paying me any attention. They were all cool London types and wanted to hear rap and black stuff not me. I felt like a shabby old teacher. I tried to keep up beat about it but I was upset. I felt old and out of touch.

Prover 12
Day 8
Dreamed went to christening of friends child and was late so I went in my bed T-shirt, quite embarrassing.
Day 10
Dreamed in hotel type place with my own room + bathroom quite a few friends and aquaintances there not sure if its educational or work related trip,or just big group holiday.
Day 11
Dreamed F invited me to a fancy dress party but I couldn't find anything good to wear. Saw M in a lepricorn costume in a little cart pulled by a pony. I nearly cried because he looked so surreal it was fantastic. Later on I was on a coach with my family driving along slowly behind many people in strange costumes and sports clothes on skateboards and roller blades.

Prover 6
Day 5
People at party,pleasant atmosphere.Had all my hair cut off (but felt OK about it!!)
Day 11
Big table at the T junction at the bottom of the road, lots of my female friends sat around having lunch. Very hot and sunny day, everyone laughing and joking having a great time.
Day 14
People wearing white, very sophisticated party. I really enjoyed myself talking and passing around drinks/nibbles.

Prover 7
Day 4
Dreamt that I had lots of people coming to my house at any moment, and when I went into the front room to see if it was tidy my mother had left a bath there, full of excrement. I quickly hid it just in time.
Day 5
Dreamt about seving food to lots of people, oblivious to fact that I was mixing the dinner, the pudding and the drink together and serving them up in dirty baking dishes instead of plates.
Day 15
Dreamt about searching for something in a huge hotel with lots of rooms.
Day 18
Had a really lively dream with loads of people in it, where I was supposed to be organising everyone to do something but I couldn't remember what, and I didn't want to admit I'd forgotten.

Prover 10
Day 3
Something about me having to pick up a stash for a drug dealer, but when I got to where I was supposed to retrieve it, there was nothing to be found. I was terrified that the dealer would find out and kill me. I went to some sort of rave/party that was on an earthwork or Glastonbury Tor or something-the spine of the Earth. There were many people there that I knew and I felt a bit put out that they hadn't invited me. I was relieved to find that these people had collected the stash and given it to the dealer (who was also there), so I was off the hook. This party was at night and there were lots of people doing fire-eating,juggling etc like a festival.
Day 6
There was a festival on a beach. I think I was searching for someone or something. Met up with a group of lads who were trying to start a fire but were using wet grass so I had to show them how to do it properly.

Entertaining, parties and socialising

Prover 1
Day 1
Shopping in London then party til midnight

Prover 11
Day 8
Rock for the party for F's birthday. The party is........downstairs so no chance of crashing out when we start flagging. All the interesting French party people turned up-only problem is they mostly speak French, so we don't get to find out if they are as interesting or as cool as they are supposed to be. Food arrives! For all of her faults and annoyances F makes a damned good curry. everyone clears off about 3am, quick tidy up and hopefully get to bed.
Day 14 Really pleasant evening having a drink + chatting with the rest of the group rather than just role-playing. Almost like having proper friends. Reckon we'll have to do this again.

Prover 2
Day -1 Last night I went to M's going away bash. It made me feel tired. I couldn't so that young person buzzy thing. M and I went home early.
Day 11
Fortunately the trip to London was successful. Unlike my dream my performance went well and I was 'the star of the show'. Very pleased and relieved about this.

Prover 10
Day 3 My mood improved after visiting F + M - we finally have some (potential) friends here!
Day 8 .....She had a party tonight-I felt like a real wallflower. The only person I didn't mind taking to was M, though I am always desparate to talk to someone else. It's difficult not speaking the language and so I felt doubly shy. Counter this with wine, and I didn't get to bed until after 3am due to people in the space where we are sleeping, but I am too pissed to really care at this point.
Day 14
M and I were supposed to go to our role-playing game tonight, but we had a phonecall from a friend there'd been a major accident and we wouldn't be able to get there, so went to the pub instead. It was good to do something social, but I seem to have lost my confidence in group situations these days-is that because I've been somewhat of a recluse since we moved here or because I don't use cannabis, tobacco or other drugs to mask my loneliness and shyness anymore? I used to be good at this, but I guess I'm just a shy girl at heart.

Prover 5
Day 2
Went to see a medium friend of mine in Bristol this morning. Spent a few hours with her and she told me many positive things. This improved my mood quite a bit as I've been quite depressed lately.
Day 12
Had a nice day talking with friends at lunchtime and spent the rest of the day alone quietly at home.

Prover 12
Day 14
Tired and grumpy for most of the day, helped F with moving, then went to cinema with F & M, saw 'Super Size Me', put me off junk food.

Prover 3
Day 3
Went to see F yesterday. Really nice to see her.
Day 8
It's my birthday. Not feeling that sociable, but probably because I know I've got to go out + and am a little anxious , but nothing new - I know it'll be fine once I get there.
Day 9
Had a great night last night.

Prover 6
Day -1 Alternating between being anxious and calm (big event to organise).