The Homeopathic Proving of 'Tempesta' the Storm by Mary English

8) Laxative effect , soft stool twice in morning rather than once, and more formed.Day 1.

5) Remedy 8am , 10.44 Diarrhoea. Day 1

5) Feel full , tired , diarrhoea. Day 2.

8) Tingling feeling in wrists , ulnar aspect , bilateral.

2) Red spots and itching around the knees which scabbed when scratched , red, 3mm across , not hot just itchy , turned into pussy scab with very little scratching.

Themes of Storm Remedy

Sexually predatory vs. Celibate , Reckless vs. Responsible , Liberation & Freedom vs. Imprisonment & Incarceration

Sexually predatory.

8) Noticed people more in a sexual way, more readily felt attracted to people; e.g. walking down the road, builders were working outdoors stripped to the waist, I thought they had good bodies (not usually my style)

1) Firstly one of my friends boyfriends went away for a while, so he was feeling lonely and one thing led to another and we kind of got together a couple of times and committed acts of gross indecency. Next there's ******. A really sweet guy. His boyfriend was also away so once again we got together and once again lust and desire won over common sense.

6) I woke up each morning with women on my mind. This may have just been all my chickens come home to roost but there were some old birds I hadn't heard from in a long time and there were some new ones I hardly recognised.


7) We decided to spend the night together without having sex as he was already in a relationship.

6) I spent a night in bed (just cuddling ) with an ex that I've always wanted to get back with and then decided that I didn't feel that way about her anymore. We split up 3 years ago.


8) I drank rather freely , champagne kept being poured out, and I think I was in a reckless mood and could have got into something I couldn't handle.

5) In a feisty mood. Organise (badger) the others up the Tor.

4) Felt energised (mostly mentally) and seemed to reinforce my positive side. Had 3 clear winners on horses !


6) It was like actually counting up how many beers you drink each week and realising you had a problem.

3) I have been thinking a lot about having children - in the past I've always been dead against having them but I think I might be becoming a little broody.

1) There are now plans to split up some of the other teams and give them to me so that I have more responsibility and so my profile can be raised.

Imprisonment & Incarceration

7) I was locked into my bathroom at 11.30pm , alone with 3 children. I called for help. Eventually my neighbours heard me, called my brother, who eventually got into the house. The lock was so broken that he had to kick the door in.

7) In meditation with my friend I saw a past life experience when I was imprisoned 8) Very unpleasant dream where I was in court. Threat of imprisonment or indefinite psychiatric detention hung over me and I felt my life was ruined

8) A lot of thoughts about a pregnant Irish woman who was imprisoned in Holloway on IRA related charges.

Liberation & Freedom

4) Felt dawning of possibility of freedom, however, mentally able to see a way out of long-term situation, although still no physical means. That seemed a significant change, not feeling totally trapped and hopeless anymore.

3) Cravings for solitude and mountains have gone. Feel more relaxed and now not frustrated as my desire to earn a living from Chinese medicine has at last been fulfilled.

2) This is quite hard to describe - but I am different from how I was at the beginning of the proving quite substantially. I became particularly conscious of this on my birthday when I spent the day with women friends - not planned it just happened - and I came to a real understanding of how completely wonderful it is to hang out with my girlfriends and brings me more joy than male company does.