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Enjoying Equal House 3-D
Enjoying Equal House, Why One of the Oldest House Systems is so Easy to Use

Learning Astrology can be difficult, especially when it comes to learning about the different house systems.

Don't wait until you're overwhelmed with info before you read about how this house system works.

In this easy-to-follow book, Astrologer Mary English guides you to quickly understand what each house means and more.

Enjoying Equal House, Why One of the Oldest House Systems is so Easy To Use is published by Future Publishing on 12th April 2023

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What Other Astrologers are Saying
One of the first questions a student of astrology will ask is which house system to use, and why? As an advocate Equal House system, Mary’s concise and humorous exploration of astrology’s hot-topic is a fun and informative overview of our most ancient division of the heavens. As always Mary’s personality radiates through her words which never fail to amuse me.

Stefanie James is a Consultant Astrologer, International Lecturer, Host of The Stellium Astrology Podcast and Tutor at the London School of Astrology. Her work has appeared in various websites and publications including The Book of Music Horoscopes and a monthly horoscope column in ELLE Magazine UK. Her website is

What Other Reader Have Said About this Book

equal house word cloud

Hi Mary,
I enjoyed your book and found it very easy to read.  You have a conversational way of writing, and it is like you and I are having a private conversation.  I must admit you made me chuckle in parts, and so many of your comments are true of the fledging astrologer I am.The book has a nice flow, and I believe you have achieved the KISS effect. D.A.

Hi Mary,
I found the keywords lists to be very helpful when interpreting planets + signs + Houses. I also really like the detailed example of your sister’s chart - it’s clear you loved your sister very much and the way you describe her through her chart is really terrific. Lastly I found Chapter 5 (empty house ruler interpretations) to be really interesting and fun. It’s something you’ve brought up in your podcast, so the concept isn’t new to me but I think it’s a really interesting topic that definitely belongs in this book and you explain it well. L.C.

Dear Mary,
Your explanations are straight forward and easy to understand. The point about chart rulers being very important giving the link as to what is most important to that person is like a light bulb moment for me. This is the key to the door so everything falls into place afterwards. You have written a well constructed book through your years of deciphering charts and teaching your favourite subject. J.T.

Good morning Mary,
I have learnt a lot from your book and one thing that stuck out to me was the ‘Astrolabe’ which is completely new to me…and now I want one!
Everything you have written is very clear and so easy to understand. There was no stone left unturned and it is very straightforward to grasp for beginners. A.L.

Hi Mary,
I can hear you talking to me in your friendly informal style through the text. I found it all interesting and had me wanting to delve deeper! Any description of houses is always complex and fraught with tricky concepts. I think you’ve got something really useful for those new to astrology or to using equal houses. C.C.

Hi Mary, I really did enjoy reading the book. I am interested in doing a course with you. D.M

Hi Mary,
I started reading and my first thoughts are the most useful. I really liked it. Your word lists are a gem. All in all this is a great little book and will really help people who want to use their limited knowledge of astrology to support their homeopathic practice. L.M.

Dear Mary,
I found it very straightforward as it was broken down into sections and short chapters.
I think the book is very interesting and the kind of manual one would want to keep by their side as reference. The list of keywords and houses was very informative and a good start for anyone interested in progressing with Astrology. Having given examples of real people’s charts did make it more human and therefore explaining easier the true characteristics of that person. The red and blue lines did confuse me to begin with, but as you explained they are not necessary to learn about in the beginning.
Therefore, I think it is a winner. S.S.

Hi Mary,
I just finished reading your book. It is a lovely book. Your personality comes through here and there. Also it touches base with basic Astrology making it a very good refresher book. A brilliant book for your podcast listeners and students. C.M.

Hi Mary,
I liked the explanations and the history of Placidus and the other house systems. I think it is set at the right pace for all levels of would-be Astrologers or those with an interest in Astrology. I liked the example charts! I understood it all as I think you’ve explained it well. I like the humorous touches too and the variety of the charts used. L.B.

I thought it was very interesting and I loved the examples. I think telling someone they should also listen to your podcasts would be helpful. I love that you have a video of how to create your own chart. I was able to follow your instructions. I love you used your sister Katy’s chart. What an amazing girl/woman she must have been. B.G.