Mary English Astrologer, Author & Therapist

Bringing Heaven to Earth

The Homeopathic Proving of
Sand from the Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt

'Arenaceus Templum Karnak'

"Sick to death"

By Mary English


I would like to thank Mabel Smith RSHom, Usha Pearce RSHom and Jessica Wilks RSHom for supervising this proving.

I would also like to thank the 16 provers who took part. Your help is gratefully received so that more people can learn about Homeopathy and there will continue to be remedies for the sick to be healed with. P= prover number. Proving is written with provers actual words and the day they reported each symptom.

And I would like to offer personal thanks to the anonymous person who gave me the sample from the Temple. Your generosity has touched me and the provers deeply.

The provers commenced writing their journals on Saturday 31st October 2009.The proving started on Sunday 1st November at 9am 2009.

All images kindly supplied by Joanot Belver with permission

"To see a world in a grain of sand

And a heaven in a wild flower,

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand

And eternity in an hour..."

from William Blake's Auguries of Innocence

towers in karnak temple
Sacred Lake

Karnak was the largest and most impressive religious centre in ancient Egypt, with 2,000 years of history.

It was a monumental complex in the middle of which stood the Temple of Amun-Re,the king of the gods.

Karnak was the centre of the religious and economic life of Egypt during the New Kingdom.

The huge size of the Temple of Amun-Re is the result of works carried out over a period of 2,000 years. In fact every pharaoh wanted to leave some tangible evidence of his reign.

South of the Temple is the large Sacred Lake shown above in the aerial photo by Bob Skinner.

The sacred lake has a two-fold symbolic and practical function. It evoked Nun, the primeval marsh from which the world was born and also served as a reservoir of 26,000 cubic metres thanks to the water table beneath it.

This was also used as a place for sacred ablutions, rituals and the material needs of the priests who lived in the southern side of the lake.

The sample for this proving was a minute amount of sand from the Hypostyle Hall. Less than a teaspoon.

The columns in the Hypostyle Hall are 22.5 metres high and it is 5,300 square metres in size and was built under the reign of
Sethos I, 1321-1295 BC and Ramesses II, 1279-1231 BC. It is divided into two sections by the central nave which is supported by twelve columns, each 22.4 metres tall.















Sickness Nausea








Hot/Cold/Body Temperature



Death/Dead Relatives/People who have died





Primary Symptoms.

Day One


Took the remedy at 9am per instructions! Felt quite thirsty throughout the day-had to keep having drinks.



Took proving remedy at exactly 9am. Then remembered dream more clearly & wrote it out despite wet & stormy wind, feeling quite calm, positive, balanced-


9am Taken remedy, got an immediate smell of plastic burning, felt light headed but not unwell. Pm feelings of complete calm, a wonderful floaty feeling, I keep forgetting where I have put things. Aversion to tea.


9.16am Just taken the tablet. 1st one. Am not normally up at this hour-very tired-defo going back to sleep….warm and cosy in bed. Am aware I’m not allowed to wash tablet down with water….feel thirsty now. Feel calm + glad to not have to get up + go anywhere today.


9am. Took the remedy. Within seconds felt it engage with my Vital Force as I was flooded with a sense of warmth and relaxation-almost like drinking a shot of vodka-but more gentle. Image of a beautiful white cockerel came from nowhere into my mind-lovely red crest on its head. That then becomes the red plume of a hero from Ancient Greece. The Amied or the Iliad. A golden helmet with a red plume such as Achilles would wear.
Then I became very aware of my left side. Things started to tweak-a sensation in my left chest, then my left ovary, my left ear started to feel warm. My airways cleared and my nose felt much easier to breathe through. Now I feel very, very relaxed. My eyes feel huge-they have become my dominant sense. Everything else seems a little distant-but my eyes feel wide open as if I am experiencing outside only through my eyes. I feel that I have to open them very wide and move them around the room. If I was to look in the mirror I imagine that my pupils would be totally dilated. Now I’m left feeling relaxed. Slightly detached from what’s around me with huge wide open eyes.


9.30am Took remedy at 9.30am (visitor arrived at 9) Immediately felt a clearness in my eyes, as if something had dropped away. Had tingling in toes, feeling of increased circulation in hands. Wanted to sit up straight-seemed to be leaning to left side. Felt slightly nauseous, slightly sweaty, a bit dizzy. Minor discomfort in stomach, around navel area. Some burping.
10am Clarity of eyes continues. More sensitive to smells-pleasant such as flowers and fruit. Unpleasant smell in spare bedroom-hadn’'t noticed before. Couple of sweating bouts-never have these-especially from back of neck down to waist. Slight anxiousness. Feel need to have a shower. Bizarre thought that I should sing, something haven’t done for ages. “Singing in the Rain” comes to mind, maybe because it is raining! Want music on, maybe even dance, but before or after shower? Can’t decide.
Now hungry, have some pineapple.
Have shower, really enjoyed the feeling of cleanliness.Hummed in shower.


9.45am Because of late night, talking remedy at 9.45am. After breakfast of croissant, cereal + hot chocolate this is unusual as I rarely have this on Sunday morning-or any morning. I wonder if I feel I have to nurture myself before taking the remedy? Here goes.
First tablet jumped out onto the floor. Within a few seconds I can feel tenderness in my back molars, left side- a sign of energy work with a substance.
Now right ear pricking slightly-feel I want to rattle it. Notice it filling with catarrh-not in reality-sensation. Now I can feel it deeper in right ear. Sensation-top right teeth-ache.
Right ear also pricking.
Left ear still full of catarrh but now lessening in intensity-like water in my ears when swimming-still there.
Right ear has stopped. (still got remedy in mouth-will meditate now)
Right eustachian tube ear feeling strained, right neck and up to head same-like….losing words to write, a huge weariness + tiredness overcoming me.
Pain behind right ear-heat like an ache still watery feeling in right ear.
Shoulders ache.
(remedy gone-10 minutes later)
When swallow-ache-neck right side. Can hardly lift head + open eyes to write. Right ear + little bit of left feel as if they have been washed out-so I can hear better?
Water. Submerge. Clarity in the depths swimming below the surface, able to breathe under water. Doggy paddle-feel like a

dog- terrier –paddling for a stick I can hear a rushing noise-rapids-am paddling in quiet water to the side.

Willow trees overlap
I think my master is on the bank-male-but I'’m enjoying the coolness of the water-water against my nose. I can shape shift + dive down to explore the reeds at the bottom of tree rives, notice fish in the shallows-trout small ones-their scaled glisten + shine as the sun hits the water + is refracted on their bodies.
Not sure what I am now-just observing the river bed-the stones, looking up at the movement on the surface- I can hear ‘Master’ calling me, but too interested in what is going on, enjoying the water. [right ear feels full of water-aching]
Blow hole appears-peer over the edge-get sucked down-volcanic? Some heat down there.
Red/purple colours-heat but still aware of ‘master’-dog, duck, essence, river, fish above. Bounced about in energetic air of the volcano-deep, deep down-miles below where I am. I can hear a booming sound of volcano-Am bouncing on the air currents of this-feels good.
Conflict between water above, fire below and air in the middle-is this an element related to air = earth above? Might explain the ear-altered pressure. Why conflict?
Free flowing now-blown up high carried in the air-in the oxygen within oxygen-base of skull right side aches-feels like pressure.
Pressure from fire, through air + water beyond earth up into stratosphere-cold.
Whatever it is it started at the centre of the earth and is now beyond the planet.


Took my homeopathic remedy. Sweet taste, some chills, small jerking on left side around my shoulder, some heaviness in head especially around my ears, breathing a little heavier for a couple of minutes, hands a bit shaky. Body feels kind of heavy for a bit, especially my legs and going up my body later. Suddenly feel a great pain in my left leg from my lower back and it feels very intense (maybe the way I am sitting? Not sure). Ears feel as if they want to pop. Feel hot but it is dissipating later.


Set my alarm to ring at 8.55. Still felt sleepy and got back to sleep immediately. Before falling asleep had a weird sensation as if my chest would be filled with light… And my breathing became easier. Had a very bright and colourful dream. As if all the colours and sounds were enhanced. The sun had bright red rays, they looked like broken arrows, like lightning bolts are painted. Very bright red, and they were moving very fast. Also the trees were very bright green, the leaves were moving fast, even though there was no sensation of the wind. It was like the scene was on “fast forward”. I was on some kind of a yacht later. With other people I don’t know. I was driving. There were three reptiles in the water… Looked like iguanas or something, but I’m not sure. Two were fighting and the third was watching them. That'’s all I remember.


At 9am I took the remedy, I closed my eyes but immediately I had to open them as I wanted to be so awake; I felt the eyes so clean and light as to look more cleanly the vitality of my sons. I felt a dense activity in the upper, rear part of the skull; I felt like wanting to lighten my stomach, my jaw, my throat, and each part of the body which I took conscience of, except the eyes. I felt a very mild dizziness. I took the remedy with the stomach empty.


Hope remedy is kind to me-can not afford day off work if bad side effects. So far, 9.10am nothing particular of note. Will go and shower-then time will have passed and I can have breakfast. Palms of hand tingling and itchy though no rash or anything. Nothing much else to report-went to church as was invited. Thought about vast array of world religions (Don’t go to church am eclectic in my beliefs part Jewish ancestry.)


Took proving remedy at exactly 9am. Then remembered dream more clearly and wrote it out despite wet and stormy wind, feeling quite calm, positive, balanced-busy preparing, confident I have thought of everything I might need. We set off at 10.30am for our Stonehenge pilgrimage. No special thoughts, feelings but equanimity. But once we met up with pilgrims at Stonehenge at 11.30, I was feeling very buzzy and bright, zippy-zappy. Listening/talking, could feel intensity, as if had strong coffee/caffeine hit (which I don’t drink, nor black tea) although without the teeth grind tension. Mind sharp & clear-perhaps more than usual? Hard to tell because these occasions inspire perception with insight. Can’t say special thoughts/images with taking remedy, lots to prepare to go but seemed to go very smoothly & perfectly on time.


Felt tired before taking the remedy. Felt slightly tingly while taking remedy and a bit light headed. Aware of slight throbbing at side of nose (right hand side).
I’m very aware of surroundings (wind howling, TV in next room etc) Feel calm. Aware I am hungry.


9am Day of Proving. Sucking on the remedy now, looking out to sea. My first thoughts were ‘I feel really thirsty and a bit tired’. I have a beautiful view of the sea crashing on the rocks and the wind is blowing a gale and shaking our van. My throat feel a little sore, but I had a bad coldy flu bug a couple of weeks ago that comes up now and then. I am feeling happy but tired. I think I will go and have a Sunday morning extra snooze and see how this weather blows over. I feel safe in our van. I will get used to writing things. At first I am finding it difficult to express thoughts on paper. It almost makes my mind go blank at first, then I must go with the flow.

Karnak from abive


Day 3


Spent a little longer than usual thinking about loved ones past/present more than usual

Day 1


3am Generally sleepy day. It’s the evening already and I still find it hard to wake up.
Felt a little “out there” the whole day. A little out of this world, in another dimension somewhere… Out of touch with everything and not feeling the time. The feeling is not new to me, but it was very intense.

Day 2


4pm. If yesterday was out of alignment with space and time, today I am back to earth I think. Or at least close to it. Feeling peaceful mostly. Tranquil.
9 pm. Ok, well maybe not that much down to earth… Still floating somewhere out there, but not as much. Still very peaceful and somewhat lazy. Maybe “lazy” is not the right word, but it’s just that I can’t bring myself to do something. I could just lie around doing nothing. And even though I woke up much easier than yesterday, it still didn'’t take long before I felt sleepy again. Got up at 12 and started feeling sleepy somewhere around 5pm. But it could be because it’s getting dark early.
12am. The sleepiness went away at around 11pm, as it usually does. My most productive time of day is between 11pm and 3am.

Day 5


This whole “feeling so careless” thing is starting to show its negative side – I have become less responsible and started delaying things too much, I have to do something about it with myself.

Day 6


11.30pm. Too much thinking got me into a melancholy, as it usually does. But it’s not as intense as usual. And I am sure that I’m just tired and it will all fade away tomorrow if I go to sleep early enough.

Day 3


12am. The inner peace remains. And by it I mean that there are a lot of things I know I should worry about, but I just don’t. Usually when I got such feeling, it was my intuition, and it meant that everything is going to be alright. But now it’s not that. Now it’s more like a condition, not the feeling. And time disappears somewhere… I feel down to earth but out of time. One minute it’s 1pm and the other it’s 4pm. And still get the laziness and unwillingness to do something. And I find myself not wanting to go to sleep. Those black and white dreams are too creepy for me. That’s even worse than seeing dead relatives.

Day 7


4pm. The paradox. I think I’m very much back to earth. And my teacher asked me today “Where are you? I’m here. And you are somewhere out there, but definitely not in the singing.”

Day 12


4pm. “Have you ever had a dream, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?” – Morpheus asked Neo in “The Matrix”. For these almost two weeks I felt like I was somewhere in between the real world and the dream world. And now I am back to the planet. This time for sure. Today around 3.30pm I suddenly felt like I have woken up. Not like when you wake up gradually but when you suddenly open your eyes and realize that “it was just a dream”. I even asked myself a few times have I been at my singing lesson already or was it another dream. And it still seems blurry when I try to remember the lesson, as if I would be trying to remember a dream. If it wasn’t past 3 and I wasn’t in a bus, I’d think I had another dream and it’s time to get up now.

Day 15


5pm. I am probably in a stage that occurs to me periodically when I start hiding from everyone and everything, that’s why I started to write so little. I occasionally need some time with myself and only myself. So every little communication or express of my thoughts becomes disturbing. Went to sleep at 3am, got up at 10am to prepare for my singing lesson. During which the talking somehow got into the direction of writing and my teacher asked me do I write songs, I said I write poetry. He asked me to bring some, I refused and now I sit arguing with myself whether I should or not. All that I write is deeply personal and letting someone read it is worse than getting undressed before someone. Still unsure what I will do. This unbalanced me so much that I was barely able to sing… Felt a little… vulnerable I think. Something like that. Still feeling this way. I have almost a week to decide what to do.

Day 6


I feel pleased with myself after sorting out my University course for next September. This week was quite a stepping stone-I’m off on my new direction and it makes me feel independent and happy.

Day 4


Felt as if I had nothing to show for my life, no home (of my own) no relationship. No looks anymore. Felt sad and dejected and disappointed.

Day 22


Well IMHO the remedy has definitely not stopped working!Some very painful observations came up today, have emailed supervisor. Whilst the process has been painful and like a huge mirror reflected back at me, I have sort of emerged with a new vision of myself, though a very new vision, and one that can developed. I hope that I have the resources left, to create the new me, not financial, just age, physical, energy etc. Hoping that I can metamorphosize the new (real) me. I am working on a new image of myself; bit (very) scary, though will be worth it.
Hard to find the new image in the destruction that is all that is left of me .Hope there is hope left in me.

Day 3


Time seemed to stretch.

Day 7

1.20am Before going to sleep last night I asked if there was anything else to know about this remedy. The word GLASS sprang into my mind. I felt intrigued, feel there is something in glass to do with this remedy (looks like I’m repeating myself here!)
What else beside sand?

Can’t think. Then off + on between sleep. I wondered about a mirror-looking into its reflection, what you see it what you want to see-reminded me of ‘mirror, mirror on the wall’…as the wicked Godmother looked at her reflection.
Seems like life is not what it seems, also we can see beneath the surface.
When the moon woke me up-or these thoughts-I thought it was 6.30am not 1am. On “reflection” yesterday I had insights into a remedy for a person completely out of the blue-“ Berlin Wall"- it was very pertinent then I told her about it and she reminded me that it was the anniversary of the Berlin Wall-20 years ago-coming down.
I feel insights are clearer, more definite. I have done this kind of insight in the past but not with such clarity.

So to sum up:GLASS, mirror more beneath the surface than we think, influenced by the full to waxing moon. (Hope this makes sense in daylight!)

Day 6


Woke up feeling shaky + headache. Mentally not good.

Day 9


My concentration is scattered one minute I can read, the next thing I am skipping over the page and not taking contents in. Whilst writing this on certain words I can’t get the pattern of letters in my head to spell things. My logic keeps questioning. Is it just me or the remedy.

Day 17


I still find it hard to analyse my feelings by writing them down. Normally if I feel something I work it out. Now, I am wondering if I feel anything good or bad, if it is the remedy or me and then it’s either over analysed or an excuse for how I feel. I don’t feel mixed up just a bit here and there and slightly indifferent.

Day 20


Not a lot to say, that I can commit to paper but all sort of up and downs + lefts + rights going on both in my mind and life.

Day 21


Feel muzzie headed + forgetful I go to do things and can’t remember immediately what it was I was about to do. One moment my words are flowing in conversation + the next I am away with the fairies. It is a good feeling rather than bad. People who know me might say what’s the difference, but for me it all feels more concentrated bit like a stronger essence of me.

Day 22


I feel the remedy is still working as I get this tingling feeling around my sinus and a feeling of not quite with it. Dreary. Dreamy.

Day 23


4am Can’t sleep. Things rushing through my head. Too many family dramas in one week. Is this my life or are the planets creating this unsettled feeling amongst so many? I want to be asleep and forget it all.

Day 15


I have just thought that in a way I am quite enjoying this detached feeling now. The thing that used to cause me to worry, like not having enough patients etc, are now quite unimportant. I don’t care as much as before. If the patients want to come then fine. If they don’t, then they don’t. I’m not as worried about things anymore.

Day 24


10pm I feel that now my mental and emotional symptoms have lifted I am having one minor physical symptom after another.

Day 2


Most of my worst fears about making a presentation were realised in this dream; and likewise about living space in the first. I’m also impressed by the nightly sequence of dreams, rarely such a stream except maybe round Moon-time. Although I don’t know why last night’s had to be so many fears-perhaps, since I’m into menopause now-that was a particular point of the hormone cycle?

Summary of the proving by the provers


I found out this morning that the remedy I’d taken came from Egypt, which blew me away as I’ve heard so many references to Egypt over the past month. However I nearly fainted when my 4 yr old daughter said to me this evening-“Mummy I had a dream about you last night. Someone threw sand in your face and you had to take a drink of water” !!

I also believe the dream I had about the ‘massive sand/stone men’ represented the statues at the temple.

Something that bothers me though is that I now realise that taking a remedy can cause a ripple effect that can have an impact on others. The reason it bothers me is to do with the fact that since talking the remedy I know people (too many) who’ve had bad things happen to them, in particular they have had children involved in bike/car accidents which were serious. It’s strange that I also dreamt of my 2 young children either driving the wrong way or having a crash. One lady I know from a training course I’m doing couldn’t attend because she had to nurse her son after he was involved in a serious quad bike accident. This resulted in him having to have a full body plaster-very much like an Egyptian mummy. This happened one week after I took the remedy.
Whether this was a result of the remedy or not I really don’t know but there seems to be too many strange coincidences.
Looking back over my own experiences with the remedy I’d say I felt pretty much up + down although most of the time I felt calm, content and had good energy levels/humour. I dreamt a lot about ‘old’ thing and animals seemed to feature a lot, especially dogs.

I’m glad I took part in the proving as it’s all learning but I hope I wasn’t to blame for other people’s misfortunes.


This has been so interesting and has made me more aware of my dreams (now have a journal) although trying to make sense of some of the dreams is a challenge in itself, the last dream in particular as it wan’t even a full moon. I have never, that I am aware of had such vivid dreams. However I feel that the dreams on the recalls are significant especially the 6th ,10th, 12th, 17th and 24th November 2009. I just wish I knew why. Some of the differences I have experienced are as follows since taking part in this proving:

I am always cold normally this changed straight away.

Tea/coffee decrease

Calmness = 100% increase

Cravings = beetroot and fruit (exotic)

Tiredness = increase

Vividness of dreams = increase

Body temperature = raised

Attuned with nature = increase

Sleep pattern= (slept a lot longer)

Fluid intake = increase

Food intake = decrease

P1 Summing Up

The main characteristics of the effect the remedy had on me were:

1) Nausea (very noticeable)

2) Sore throat-dry but not unbearable

3) Tickly tight cough

4) Cough eventually turned to throat clearing

5) Family/loved ones dreams (those I could remember!)

6) Emotional/tearful somedays

7) Frustration- re dreams

8) No need of sweet foods (unusual)

9) Not a lot of appetite

10) Felt it improved meditation/healing quality


Overall it has been hard for me to keep 2 journals going throughout the proving-one tracking all the detail of my C’s crisis so I can clear my head as much as possible, the other the proving journal which has taken a back seat. Also it’s been tricky to try and work out what is to do with the proving and what is to do with C’s crisis. Although initially I felt very much in balance and clam, and had a joyousness + clarity, a recurrent feeling has been a very deep sadness I haven’t really experienced before. For that reason I plan to take the ‘anti-dote’.


It was a great experience to be able to test the remedy. I felt great, peaceful for most of the beginning of the journey. Went to anxiety, nervousness, to a felling that can only be described as ‘the dark night of the soul’, bringing out feelings of fear, loneliness, emotions and especially ‘great pain’. It had to come out and I am so grateful, it could not be kept in anymore, had to be dealt with. I do feel free right now. Being guided and nudged to be more conscious and look at thing closely right away and not put it aside and deal with it later. Issues probably will come up again and I have to say that I’ve learned of how to handle them better, right away and look more deeply. I also learned to ask the Angels and spirit to help me, where before I never asked for help. I am thankful for this experience.


Day 28

Our poor cat is very ill. He possibly has an obstruction in his bowel as he is vomiting faeces. I’m very upset and concerned for him. He in only young and a beautiful all white cat. This started after I wormed him on Monday.

Day 29

After the upset of the poor cat yesterday I am only just able to sit down and think about the proving overall.
Firstly, our poor cat-who is very Silica by nature, has had a mouse stuck in his intestines for quite a long time, it seems. In typical Silica style he could not digest it or expel it and had been eating an assortment of plastic items and other non foods to try and move it along, either way. Eventually an ear plug became lodged in his intestines and that is why he was so ill. He had emergency surgery yesterday and is feeling very sorry for himself today.
For the proving I felt that initially I had a “don’t give a damn” approach to my life and the things that were going on around me. However, that because its polarity as every tiny thing began to offend me. The smallest reactions from P in particular would make me despair of the relationship. After the worse of these mental and emotional symptoms lifted I then began to revisit many old physical symptoms from aching knees to blister like eruptions where I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed.

I still think the remedy is acting in me I had another blister on that wisdom tooth socket and have felt different emotionally –as if something has shifted in me. Easier this week I felt very good. But felt that may be slipping away a little but that could be the shock of our cat being ill.
Overall I would say that the past month has been quite a journey-more than I expected it would be, both physically and mentally/emotionally. But overall I’m glad I did it because I feel I know more about myself as a result of taking part.

Phone interview later

It wasn’t me-completely taken over by that remedy. Dark, deep, frightening, darkness, depth of it was disturbing, frightening, massive, felt huge-caught up in this things beyond me. Couldn’t cope with my life, relationship, couldn’t be bothered. Nothing appealed. Apathy swinging into anxiety. Cat became really ill about to die-stuck inside me, vomit poo it out, cat got really ill, energy stuck inside him. Remove blockage for him. Cat was part of this-Huge thing for me. Got engaged


General comments: as I said, the first 2 weeks, or rather the first 10 days, were the more intense ones, I dreamed everyday, I recalled 2-3 dreams, my emotions were a bit lifted, sometimes I had the desire of weeping, sometimes I went to bed with a frank smile on my face, I felt very dizzy the first 2 days and the following 4-5 days slightly dizzy, I felt nicely uncontrolled: I ate what I had the desire to, I allowed myself to stay in bed after everybody during the week. The last 2 weeks of the proving were more stable.

The exercise of writing a journal has been very interesting, I think I will continue but not so exhaustive, just the most relevant moments.

In the case of Mexico I think it is relevant to say that practically everybody eat strong-smelling substances (chili, sauces, gravies, spices, etc), however, I didn't take coffee nor the other substances of the label.
P and I have had great expectation on knowing what is the remedy about, and with some of my defects we have been joking that they are due to the pill.

I didn't mention this on the journals but I went to the bathroom normally and I slept as usual during the proving.
And now I'm happy to drink coffee again.

Now, on the source of the remedy, all the information on the temple is interesting, but the sand? What is the sought effect of the remedy? Does the sand have a special component? Is it different to other sands?


I have been reflecting on the proving; and wondered whether the remedy helps with liberation, I seem to have been liberated from quite a few concerns recently. I wondered because Egypt was the place from which the Jews left slavery to be a free people. Part of my soul/psyche is Jewish. Anyway just a thought.

I found it interesting, if at times painful and was very pleased to have Supervisor in my corner especially at the most difficult times. I certainly feel that the remedy had a liberation feel to it and certainly events emerged clarified and changed throughout this process. Whilst I was in the “grip” of the proving I was in “never again” mode, however on reflection I would be very happy to participate again if I can be of help, though not for a while. Essential to have Supervisor!


Resume of remedy.

-Time stretched,slowed down.

-Enabled me to make decisions and act on them. Decision has caused ripples on the pond.

-Remedy has some element of Glass in it-some kinship with Anacardium.

-Very elemental as it took in earth, fire, water, air and beyond the planet into spiritual realms.

-the remedy was brought from “angelic” realms to the earth and sowed in the ground to grow.

-Connected to the full moon, but remedy taken then, so not necessarily the remedy.


Writing this while waiting to take C to the ferry for Ireland. That feels a bit strange in my life. I have had an emotional week this week. I don’t know how I would have been feeling if this week had not been so full of family dramas. Guess it’s all meant to be.

On the whole this proving has been enjoyable. My moods have varied along the way but I feel I have been able to handle whatever life has thrown at me without too much stress overall.
I feel I have turned a corner on my feelings of grief for K my mother-in-law.
I am going to make sure I do not replace that sadness with missing my son!
I have had more patience on occasions where I would otherwise have found frustrating and have generally been able to keep my emotions in check.

Physically I have felt tired a lot the time but have slept well. I have had headache, neck ache and aching legs, as well as 48 hrs of feeling really nasty on the 2nd week.

My concentration has been a bit scattered and my head in a bit of a dream state. My dreams when I have had any have been a lot outdoors and water orientated, last one felt a bit Egyptian Nile like, can’t quite describe that just an essence of.
I don’t feel the need to take the Sulphur. I shall see how I go.

I would like to have ended this week without feeling the emotions I have about my son moving.
It is now going to be strange not writing my thoughts and feeling anymore, or having a weekly chat with Mary.
I am curious about what this remedy has been and what symptoms it will be used to cure in the future.
I hope my input has been of some use. I have tried to write how I feel but I would really need this book with me all hours of the day to record everything all the time.
Anyway I shall end this now and not re-open this book. Love + Joy. xxx


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