Bringing You Inner Peace

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to relax the mind. It's very helpful for stress and anxiety. It can be used for sleeplessness, to reduce pain, to help allergies, to relieve IBS~ Irritable Bowel Syndrome and many other conditions. All sessions include an MP3 CD or Download to listen to afterwards.
Dear Mary,
Thank you too for that relaxation MP3 – beautifully done.  I’ll be using that too. I feel very soothed.

With love,

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Hi Mary, I've had no panic attacks or anxiety at all so whatever you're doing is working. I'm still prepared for the occasional off day but more aware that I can deal with it. I will continue to play CDs every night till they are fully embedded in my brain. You are truly working wonders! Jxxx

I specialise in Past Life Sessions and using the Higher Self or Wise Self to Heal, Restore and Return You to Better Health.
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